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Does BlueMD Light Therapy Really Work?

Does BlueMD Light Therapy Really Work?

Posted on June 13, 2016

BlueMD light therapy is a treatment that can help to cure acne and by destroying the bacteria that causes acne. Trophy Skin BlueMD has redesigned and is full production. The lamp base is more sturdy and less likely to fall over, changing from a Fluorescent Bulb to a panel LED lights and also has flexible extended arm that can be bent in many ways.


The BlueMD works at different interval for each user, within three weeks there should be noticeable difference in the amount and severity of the acne. It is not recommended for pregnant and those who are on medication.  It is a safe light that has been FDA approved. It is recommended as the best option to having an expensive treatment for acne.BlueMD deserves a high rating, it does not totally remove all of the acne for all but you can see improvements for those who suffers from acne. The cost of the product is very reasonable, if you compare it to the cost of treatment, they suffer for tons of product and procedure that never work. Comparing to a similar blue light therapy, it only makes Trophy Skin much safer and easier to use.


It could be a great replacement to many who suffer from acne. Just a reminder that acne is a common concern that many people has, it is also an individual problem to each who suffer from acne. Our body is unique and every one of us will respond differently to the variety of acne treatments.




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