Does BlueMD Light Therapy Really Work?

Does BlueMD Light Therapy Really Work?

BlueMD Light Therapy is a treatment that can help cure acne by destroying the bacteria that causes the inflammation. Trophy Skin's BlueMD has been redesigned and is now in full production.

The lamp base is more sturdy and less likely to fall over. We also changed from a Fluorescent Bulb to a panel of LED bulbs to make treatments safer from UV emission. The new model also has a flexible arm that can be bent in many ways to make treatments more comfortable for the user.


The BlueMD works differently for each user as we all have different skin. What may work for others may not work the same way for you. However, for most users, they have noticed lesser amount and severity of acne. They also reported that new breakouts do not last very long. 

This can cause dryness of the skin that can be resolved by applying moisturizer after treatments. Although there have not been any reported untoward side effects to blue light therapy, this is not recommended for pregnant women and those who are on medication, especially Accutane to prevent excessive dryness of the skin. 

BlueMD Blue Light Therapy is FDA-approved. It is recommended as the best option to treat acne without having to use antibiotics.  

The cost of the product is very reasonable if you compare it to in-office treatments that can cost $90-$300 per session or if you add up all those skin care products you bought that clutter your bathroom sink that never seem to work. 


It is a great option for those who suffer from acne and those who are tired of wasting money and time, investing in products that only promises false hope. Again, blue light is proven to kill acne-causing bacteria. 

Don't be afraid to shine the light to banish your acne safely and effectively. You just need to be patient and use the light daily, especially when you feel you are about to have another zit. 



Post updated for 2019.

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