Other Ways To Treat Acne

Posted on June 19, 2015

Most of the posts on this blog have so far been about using light therapy, more specifically blue light, to treat the underlying causes of acne. However, an effective acne regimen generally consists of more than one tactic, and we'd like to go over a few other natural, safe ways to help keep your acne under control.

The first method we have found to be effective is using homeopathic medicine, generally this means crushed up flowers, plants, or herbs that are compacted and then given in pill form. While this may sound like nonsense to someone who has never tried it, homeopathic treatment for acne can be quite effective. There are a number of companies out there that sell these types of pills, but our favorite is Nature's Cure. You just chew up one of their pills once or twice a day, and it really does help to keep facial or body acne under control. Its a cheap, safe, and all natural way to help in the battle against acne. We like it especially for body acne.

The next method as an alternative to acne light treatment is an acne candy called Frutels. This is something you eat multiple times per day and is actually quite tasty as well. It activates your body's own natural defenses against the causes of acne, ultimately resulting in clearer skin. Also a nice way to treat acne in a natural, chemical free way.

The next post will discuss some other alternatives to treating acne without chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. Acne light treatment using highly intense blue light continues to be a great way to reduce and eliminate your acne, but there are lots of other great helper products out there that are safe and natural as well.X





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