Light Therapy Common Uses

Posted on June 19, 2015

We mentioned in an earlier post that high powered light therapy can have applications other than what we use it for, blue light therapy for acne. Indeed, the owners of Trophy Skin previously owned a medical spa where we performed all kinds of laser and light-based treatments. We treated wrinkles, rosacea, skin tightening, acne, sun damage, scarring, tattoos, and many other types of skin conditions.

Light therapy works on different conditions based on the wavelengths (in nanometers) used by the device you are getting treated with. For example, rosacea has been treated successfully with a combination of red, blue, and infrared light. The key is to use the correct wavelengths, the right proportion of each wavelength, and the right intensity of light to get an effective treatment. Another important factor is the amount of time the device is used, which is something totally under the control of the user. That is why light therapy devices for other conditions must also be designed in such a way that they are convenient and ergonomic for usage. Treatment times are 15-20 minutes per session, so this is incredibly difficult to achieve with hand held devices.

UPDATE: Trophy Skin will be releasing a new line of light therapy skincare devices this summer that will treat common anti-aging concerns. We have had a lot of customer interest in these types of treatments, in addition to the acne blue light therapy we already provide.

UPDATE 2: Check out our new product listing on American Healthy and Beauty!


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