How does blue light therapy actually reduce acne?

This is a question that may or may not be on the minds of acne sufferers, but understanding the method of action used by blue light is a very important part of the process in choosing your solution.

The first step in the process is identifying the source of your acne, which can also be from multiple sources. Common causes are internal factors of acne are hormonal imbalance, antibiotic reactions, stress, food reactions, or excessive skin oiliness. There are also environmental factors that cause acne like pollen, pollutants, food oil, reaction to topical creams, and your own personal hygiene habits. Whatever the source of your acne, there is generally only one root cause, and that is p. acnes bacterium. This acne-causing bacteria is the root cause of acne in most teenagers and adults, generally over 90% of the population of the world that suffers from acne.

The wonderful thing about this very common cause of acne is that this is also the acne type that can be effectively treated by blue light therapy. Acne light therapy devices emit light in the 405 to 420nm wavelength spectrum, which turns out to be very destructive to acne bacterium. They become starved for oxygen when exposed to these bands of blue light, but only when the light is very intense and is administered for certain periods of time. The oxygen starved bacteria begin to die off over the course of several weeks, and this is the reason the acne begins to clear up.

This is a very iterative process, meaning that the bacteria can easily stage a resurgence if your treatment schedule falters. We always urge users of the BlueMD to keep up with their treatment regimen suggested to them by our Acne Assessment tool for at least 4 weeks before slowing their regimen down. Over time the acne bacteria will almost be eliminated and it will reduce or eliminate the need for continued blue light therapy treatments. Every user's reaction to blue light therapy will differ based on their own acne and body chemistry, but its safe to say that you will not need to continue these treatments for life!


Post updated for 2019.

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