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Who is a candidate for Acne Light Therapy?

Posted on June 19, 2015

More and more people are starting to learn about the existence of Blue Light Therapy treatment for acne. Although not a new technology (it has been around for 20+ years), blue light therapy treatments were very expensive up until a few years ago. Only celebrities or the ultra-rich could afford these treatments, which is very similar to the way cosmetic surgery and even cosmetic injections were 5-10 years ago.

However, the cost to produce light therapy devices has dropped significantly in recent years, making it much more affordable for the average consumer. These days, most light therapy consumers still visit their dermatologist or local medical spa to get their treatments performed. The home-use light therapy device industry is in its early days, but it is growing rapidly as people begin to see the results and great value provided.

Ideal candidates for Acne Light Therapy will possess some or all of the following attributes:

1. Acne caused by bacteria (vs. hormonal acne) that is mild to moderate in nature. The bacterial cause of acne is not always apparent, but is generally seen in persistent teenage and adult acne. Those that have severe, cystic acne will most likely not benefit from blue light treatments.

2. Oily skin that requires minimal moisturizer. Blue light treatments tend to dry out the skin by reducing the amount of oil produced by the pores. Generally people will bacteria-related acne will also have oily skin, although there are many exceptions to this rule.

3. Acne that shows improvement in sunlight. Because the blue light wavelengths that are used in home light therapy devices are also present (to a smaller degree) in sunlight, many people are able to improve their acne by sitting in direct sunlight. These people will see above average results with blue light treatments.

4. Anyone on antibiotics or harsh creams for their acne. This is one of the top reasons that people try blue light treatments for their acne, as they want to move to a more natural, side-effect free method of acne treatment. Taking antibiotics over a long period of time weakens the body and can result in dependence for future acne treatment.

The points above are only meant as examples of types of people who would be a good candidate for Acne Light Therapy. Every person's skin will react in different ways and will take different amounts of time to see results manifest.


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