MicrodermMD vs RejuvadermMD - Which is best for you?

Updated January, 2020. 

The MicrodermMD and the RejuvadermMD have the same suction motor specifications.  The parts are interchangeable between the two devices.  All of our tips fit both devices, as do the filters.

Now for the differences - I am sure you noticed there is a price difference between the two microdermabrasion devices.

  • The MicrodermMD has an LCD screen with AUTO MODE that is great for beginners to get comfortable with the microdermabrasion treatment process. AUTO MODE walks you step-by-step and area-by-area through an entire treatment so you cannot mess up!

  • The MicrodermMD has a built-in mirror that is great to use if you want to perform a treatment while watching TV or at a table instead of standing in front of your bathroom mirror.

  • The RejuvadermMD is portable, but not rechargeable.  We find that devices with rechargeable batteries are just not as powerful over time as those that are plugged into an outlet during use.  This is why our portable microdermabrasion system still must be plugged in to use it.

  • The MicrodermMD comes with 100 filters, the RejuvadermMD comes with 50 filters.

  • The MicordermMD also comes with a cleaning brush for the diamond tip and extra o-rings, the RejuvadermMD does not.

One other thing I like to point out is how each device feels while you are holding it in your hand to do a treatment.  The RejuvadermMD is larger to hold yet fairly easier to maneuver.  Personally, I prefer the feel of holding the MicrodermMD wand versus the RejuvadermMD device.  My hands are on the small side and the MicrodermMD wand is more like moving a brush, pencil, etc across your face.  I feel it gives the most precision to my treatments.  (Again, this is just my opinion and may not be an important point for you.)







Motor Specifications

13 watts

13 watts


-Tabletop design with built-in mirror

-Exclusive AUTO MODE with LED display guiding treatments (Ideal for beginners!)

-Exfoliating wand has slim brush-like profile

-Extended length hose for full body reachability

-Portable Design

-Sleek profile

-Comfortable grip handle

-Simple operation instructions

-Clearly lit power level display

-4 suction power levels


Professional grade Diamond Tip

Pore Extraction Tip

Infusion Tip

100 pack of black wool filters

Cleaning Brush

Extra O-Rings

User Manual

Professional grade Diamond Tip

Pore Extraction Tip

Infusion Tip

50 pack of black wool filters

User Manual


3 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty




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