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Get Younger Looking Skin with These 5 Simple Steps

Get Younger Looking Skin with These 5 Simple Steps

Posted on September 1, 2015


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Many women (and men too) over the age of 30 are ready and willing to purchase the next best thing on the market that promises a powerful breakthrough in slowing down the aging process. From anti-wrinkle creams to the trendiest oral supplement, we will do just about anything to take five years off our our face--especially if it doesn't require going under the knife. Although looking older as we age is unfortunately inevitable, there are ways to achieve younger looking skin sans plastic surgery. Keep reading to find out how (and it's affordable too).


1. Get Your Z's

You can spend a fortune on the best skin care products, but if you don't get proper sleep, all your efforts may go in vain. Sleep is truly one of most important, if not, the most important factor for slowing down the aging process. Likewise, a habitual lack of sleep can accelerate the aging process, making one look up to at least ten years older. Therefore, aim to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, and hitting the sack by 10 p.m. to get optimal beauty sleep.

2. You Are What You Eat

You know the old adage, you are what you eat. What is going on internally reflects externally. A healthful diet loaded with fruits, veggies (particularly raw and organic) and good fats (i.e. avocado, walnuts, salmon) is highly conducive to glowing, younger-looking skin. That is a fact. On the other hand, dull, older-looking skin is contingent on a diet that is high in junk and low in nutritious foods. So eat well for good health most importantly, and your skin will reap the benefits.

3. Don't Skip the Sunscreen

One of the major causes of premature aging and wrinkling is the beloved sun. Far too many people are misguided into believing that sunscreen is only necessary for outdoor recreations such as basking under the sun at the beach. This couldn't be further from the truth. Since the sun's ultraviolet rays are the top cause of aging, therefore, the first line of defense against aging is sunscreen- in other words, a moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen that is at least broad spectrum SPF 30. This is imperative all year round, rain or shine, summer and winter- not just on a hot, sunny day. Your skin will thank you if you are proactive in applying SPF on your face all year round- and don't depend on makeup that contains SPF as that usually does not suffice for proper sun protection.

4. Exfoliate Like a Pro

Did you know that it is extremely common to either not exfoliate enough or to over-exfoliate? Also, the proper methods to exfoliate are not utilized enough and the wrong ways of exfoliating are unfortunately a little too popular. For instance, (generally speaking), a proper frequency and method to exfoliate would be to use a mild, non-abrasive face scrub once or twice a week if you have dry skin, or two to three times a week if you have oily skin. However, if you want your skin to get the most out of your exfoliating regimen to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin, invest in an at-home microdermabrasion system. If you incorporate that into your regimen weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly, you will get spa-grade results right in your very own home. 


5. Don't Underestimate High Quality Skin Care Products

Let's face it- there are products that have a prestigious name stamped on fancy packaging to make consumers believe that what's inside that bottle will reverse signs of aging. The truth is, sometimes you're paying more than what the product promises and its actually worth, because you end up paying for the celebrity endorsements, pristine packaging and pretentious advertising. However, there truly are remarkable products on the market that are worth the splurge that will help reduce visible signs of aging. These pharmaceutical-grade products can typically be found for retail sale at a high-end spa, medical spa or dermatologist's office. Don't waste your money on expensive cleansers, as they only sit on your skin for 60 seconds tops, then are rinsed off. Instead, splurge on serums (since they are concentrated and penetrate deeper into the skin), as well as face creams that are formulated with high-performance ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants, and hylauronic acid, to name a few. Talk to an esthetician or dermatologist about what products may be suitable for your skin type to help slow down and reduce signs of aging. 


If you put these five tips into practice, I can confidently assure you that you will see a noticeable difference in your skin. 

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