Why You Need Blue Light Therapy For Your Acne-Prone Skin

Why You Need Blue Light Therapy For Your Acne-Prone Skin

If you suffer from acne, you know that it is difficult to get rid of this uncomfortable bumps that never cease to cause mayhem in your skin. You might have tried anti-acne home remedies, tried different facial washes for acne-prone skin, and took acne medication and antibiotics to no avail.

It is time to approach acne in a different light.

Blue Light therapy is now popular as one of the options for acne treatment. Thousands of research has been done (1) and results have been evident for those who have experienced Blue Light Therapy through spas or at-home treatment.

Blue Light Therapy effectively heals acne, a common skin condition affecting 80% of the World’s Population and Trophy Skin has created a Blue Light Therapy at-home device for you; the BlueMD Blue Light Therapy.


How does it work?

The Blue light kills the P. acne bacteria that causes inflammation deep in the skin. The blue light penetrates the skin and suffocates the Propionibacterium acne bacteria from within causing it to die. When this happens, the cause of the inflammation is removed from the equation of the acne problem.

The added presence of red and infrared light (which by the way, is invisible) in the home device causes repair of the skin tissue, reduce inflammation, and cause the oil glands to shrink in size leading to lesser oil production. (2) Lesser oil means lesser blockage of the pores and causes fewer bacteria to cause damage deep in the pores. With the help of Trophy Skin’s BlueMD Blue Light Therapy, acne and blemishes will improve with consistent use

Unlike hand-held blue light devices, BlueMD is more convenient to use. The sturdy base makes it safe to use on tables, countertops, or even on your bed without the fear of it toppling over. Use it while sitting on a chair, lying on the bed, or standing. You can bend the adjustable gooseneck and twist and turn it on whatever position you want. 

Who Can Use It?

We recommend the BlueMD Blue Light Therapy to patients who are suffering from the following:

  • Teen acne
  • Adult or Hormonal acne
  • Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads
  • Oily Skin
  • Inflammation due to acne breakouts
  • Those who do not want to resort to antibiotics

How Frequently Should I Use it?

Only BlueMD effectively and safely manages acne in the comfort of your own home. With just five minutes, once or twice daily, you are helping your skin improve for the better. 

Position the LED panel 4-6 inches away from your skin and do not forget to wear the provided goggles to protect your eyes from damage. It will also serve as protection to the eyelids to prevent drying it up.


Do I need anything more? 

If you have topical acne medication, wait at least 30 minutes before applying it. You can ask your doctor if Blue Light Therapy is something that could work for you. 

The great thing about Trophy Skin's BlueMD and personal skin care products is that you gain results in the most natural, most effective and most inexpensive way plus like we always tell you, with Trophy Skin you can do things in your own home, in your own time. 




Post updated for 2019.

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