How To Set-Up Your BlueMD or RejuvaliteMD

How To Set-Up Your BlueMD or RejuvaliteMD

Posted on May 31, 2016

We are getting a lot of inquiries regarding how to set-up the newly released LED light devices we have. Some experience flickering lights or having a wobbly bendable arm (or gooseneck) that looks in danger of toppling over any second.

We would like to help you out the best we can. We do not want you to think we have sent you an inferior device. The LED light devices we have are guaranteed to be free from defects or workmanship issues.

If there are obvious damage to your product, do not hesitate to contact us and fill up our support case form so we can assist you properly.

From unboxing your BlueMD Anti-Acne Blue Light Therapy Device or RejuvaliteMD Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy Device, you will notice that the lamp is divided into 4 parts: The LED Panel, The Bendable arm, The Base and the Power Adapter.

You need to make sure you are assembling the lamp on a solid and sturdy table because the base is made to be heavy to prevent the lamp from falling over while doing treatments.

LED Light Therapy Parts

First, you need to attach the LED panel to the bendable arm. Make sure that the nut on the back of the LED panel is tight and unmovable. If it is loose when you receive the product, please let us know.

There are 3 pins from the circular head of the bendable arm that fit the metal conductors of the LED panel. Attach the LED panel to the bendable arm. You will hear a fairly loud snapping sound that tells you it is safely attached in place.

There should be no space or cracks between the attached portions. If there are any, push the two buttons on either side of the circular head of the bendable arm to release the LED panel and snap it carefully in place again. If it is not snapping in place correctly, let us know.


Next, attach the joint or the end part of the bendable arm to the base. It helps if you slightly push it in. Hold it with both hands and turn it clockwise. Your right hand should be twisting or turning it in place while your left arm supports the bendable arm at the joint.

Twist the LED Panel and bendable arm until it is locked in place. You will feel that the outer covering of the bendable arm is moving or somehow loose. This is designed this way to make it more flexible and to accommodate bending the arm in positions you are comfortable in during treatments.

Attach the power cord to the port at the back of the base. Plug it in. Make sure that the adapter is lighting up at the wall. If it is not lighting up, try to use a different outlet. Contact us if the adapter doesn’t turn green when plugged in.

Press the power button to turn the lamp on. The power button should light up when it is on and that is also an indication that there is power at the base. The LED lamp should be lighting up.

BlueMD with unlit infrared bulbs

In BlueMD, there are 2 rows of lights that appear unlit.

RejuvaliteMD red light therapy with unlit infrared panels

In RejuvaliteMD, 3 rows will appear unlit.


These aren’t defective or burnt bulbs. These are the infrared bulbs that do not produce visible light because it can’t be detected by human eyes. The LED lights are guaranteed to last for years.

If you are still having a concern with setting up your device, or if you still experience product performance issues, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Representatives. Chat, phone, and email support are available 24/7 and we are happy to walk you through troubleshooting your units.



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