Holiday Skincare: How to Avoid Acne through The New Years

avoid acne on holidays and though new year

And the countdown begins! We have a few days to go before we say goodbye to 2016. From deadlines, end of year targets and busy holiday preparations, we have a million things to do but so little time. No wonder most people get stressed these days.

If a person stresses over something, be it a personal or work-related crisis, the body will respond in many different ways. You may have a weaker immune system so you easily get sick. You also age faster for about 9-17 additional years compared to people who are not stressed. (1) You also experience acne and hair loss!

Stress can increase your body’s production of oil and that leads to sebum clogs and trapping bacteria deep down the pores. That is why if a person is stressed, they are most likely to breakout.

Watch What You Eat (or at least, Try!)

Aside from stress, food may get in the way in achieving a blemish-free skin. With all the partying and scrumptious food these holiday season, it is hard not to indulge. If you can’t help yourself from getting another slice of that decadent salted caramel pie or red velvet cheesecake, at least you have to be prepared for what’s coming next.

Although not everyone will get a zit, there’s a bigger chance of having a breakout when you eat too much sugar or carbohydrate-rich food. Food with dairy can also cause you to breakout. So be prepared and be more vigilant of those little nuisances that may form after all the holiday gastronomic delight!

Since it is impossible to avoid pigging out these coming holidays, you have to make some adjustments to your skin care routine as well as your mindset.

So, how can we avoid having skin issues in the coming New Year? Let us help you out.

You have to improve your skincare routine.

1. Whatever you do, do not be too lazy to remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Let your skin breathe after putting on so many different products on it. If not, the pores will get clogged with makeup and you end up with a zit! You do not want to ruin your holiday selfies, don’t you? Use a gentle makeup remover to get rid of all the traces of makeup.

2. Use a gentle facial wash twice daily, morning and night.

Do not wash your face more than twice a day and avoid using harsh or too drying facial cleansers to avoid stripping of essential oils that are needed by the skin. If you do, your skin might feel tight and get too dry. It will prompt your body to produce more oil than what's necessary.

3. After washing, you can use a microdermabrasion device to exfoliate dead skin cells that might clog and trap bacteria.

Removing the dead layers will reveal fresh skin from within so you can have a glowing complexion. Aside from that, you will remove clogs that may turn to a zit if left unaided. You may exfoliate once or twice a week, depending on your skin type. You may also use an at-home ultrasonic skin spatula to remove dead skin and dislodge pores of clogs. It is a popular facial service in Dermatology Clinics and medical spas.

easy microdermabrasion at home

4. After microdermabrasion or washing, follow up with a good quality serum.

Serums are packed with nutrients that nourish our skin like crazy! Serums are like vitamin-enriched liquids that provide instant nutrition for the skin. If you aren’t into serums, now is a great time to incorporate this into your daily routine.

trophy skin serums and skincare topicals

5. It is advisable that you wear a lightweight moisturizer so your skin can balance its own hydration system.

Even if you have oily skin, it is still important to invest in good quality, water-based moisturizers to give your skin the right hydration.

6. If you have an angry zit that you want to cover, remove or scratch out of your face, you may do so with a spot treatment.

You can buy drugstore products to help dry it up. You can check out spot treatments with sulfur to help suck up oil and flatten inflamed blemishes. To help control acne breakouts, a daily 5-minute blue light therapy will help keep them at bay.

7. Invest in clay masks too!

You can use it once a week to help remove excess oil and draw out impurities. Masks with red Moroccan clay works best for acne-prone skin.

8. Aside from these skin care tips, you should also avoid food that may cause you to break out.

Dairy is a common culprit in having pimples so if you can, avoid dairy products this holiday season. You can plan out your holiday menu to exclude dairy from your meal plan or if it can't be avoided, you may substitute it with soy or plant-based milk instead.

9. Chill this Christmas and New year!

We get that holiday preparation and end of year targets can stress us out but we should not let it jeopardize our health. Relax and find ways to overcome stress. We have written a whole new article on how to beat stress that you can find at this link.

Do not let acne ruin your holiday spirit! Just relax and enjoy your holiday break. We hope we helped you have a better skincare routine to keep you from having acne through the coming year. Happy holidays!

Updated May, 2020