How to Do an Easy DIY Spa at Home

Curious how you can turn your personal space into a spa-inspired zen zone? Check out our easy DIY tips and be on your way to a stress-free haven!
How to do an easy DIY spa at home

We all love going to the spa and indulge in luxurious treatments to help us relax and be stress-free. From the scent of soothing essential oils wafting in the air, to the calming background music, we love to get recharged and spend eternity in our favorite spas if we could.

However, most of us lead a very busy lifestyle that no matter how much we'd love to get pampered, we just don’t have the time to do it as often as we want.

So, how can we spoil ourselves without costing us too much time and money?

The answer is, do it right from the comfort of your own home! Depending on how much time you can carve out of your busy day, you can do pampering in 5 to 15 minutes or an hour or two.

Set the mood

The important thing in a tranquil experience is setting the right mood. You can do your DIY spa experience in your bathroom or bedroom, depending on what you have in mind.

Play a nice and relaxing background music. Depending on what you find relaxing, there are a lot of spa-inspired music available nowadays. 

Check out the video below for inspiration.

You can play a soft music in the background while you are enjoying a relaxing bath to melt your stress away. Soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salt can help detoxify and relax strained muscles.

You can buy bath bombs or make your own DIY bath bombs for a more luxurious bath experience. You can also soak in an essential oil-infused bath to help detoxify your body. For more details, check out this blog.

You may also enjoy a body scrub made with coconut oil, rose essential oil and finely ground pink Himalayan rock salt.

Dim the lights or use tea light candles for a spa-like ambiance. You may also use scented candles to help ignite your senses so you can relax better.

You can also use an oil burner or a reed diffuser to help you relax. Depending on what aroma appeals to you, there are many different essential oils to choose from. Visit this link for more details.

At home facial

A good DIY facial is a level up to your usual skincare routine and can take 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your own pace. It is best to do it right before bed to promote a good night’s sleep. We are sure you will love the feel of your skin the morning after.

To do this, you will need the following:

  • Makeup remover
  • Facial Oil- argan oil or olive oil (you may also look for alternatives to cleansing oil)
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Facial steamer or a bowl of hot water
  • Microdermabrasion Device
  • Mask (mud mask or moisturizing face mask, depending on what your skin needs)
  • Facial Serum (preferably, argan stem cell serum)
  • Red Light Therapy Device

You can do the following steps to do your own at-home facial. 

  1. Remove your makeup with a gentle makeup remover.
  2. Massage your face and neck with a luxurious oil like Argan or olive oil. Argan oil is best used as this does not grease up people with oily skin and at the same time, it can hydrate dry skin. It is gentle enough to use even for people with sensitive skin. A quick massage will help improve blood circulation as well as help relieve tension.
  3. If you have a facial steamer, you may use it to help open up the pores. You may also use a bowl of hot water to steam your face. You can use a towel to make a tent to let the steam work better. Be careful in handling hot water to prevent burns.
  4. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser fit for your skin type. If you have dry skin, go for cream-type cleansers and use a foaming cleanser or gel-type cleanser if you have oily skin. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Depending on your skin type, you may do exfoliation once up to 3 times per week. Be environment-friendly and avoid facial scrubs with microbeads. Also, avoid using products with walnut or apricot pits as these just create micro-tears in your skin. We recommend using a microdermabrasion device to get a professional finish right at the comfort of your own home.

Microdermabrasion takes about 5 minutes to use on the face, neck and chest area. Trophy Skin offers 4 at home microdermabrasion devices, ranging from $99 to $349 fit for every budget. These tools are great investments to keep the skin looking radiant. 

Compared to in-office treatments that could cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, owning your own microdermabrasion tool is a one-time investment that you can use over and over again, anytime, anywhere. 

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After doing microdermabrasion, rinse your skin with cold water to remove debris.

6. Follow up with a mask. If you have dry skin, look for a facial mask with moisturizing properties. It could be a sheet mask or clay mask. Mud masks are recommended for people with oily skin or tend to suffer from clogged pores.

If using a sheet mask, let it stay for 20-30 minutes, depending on the package instructions. Massage the skin to help absorb the nutrients from the sheet mask. If using a clay mask, allow drying then rinse with water or according to instructions. 

7. Follow up with a serum. Try Argan Stem Cell Serum to help tame redness and inflammation, as well as prevent premature skin aging.

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Bask on red light therapy

If you have a red light therapy device at home, you may also insert this into your DIY facial. Right after using a mask, before putting serums or moisturizer, do red light therapy. Red light therapy has no known adverse side effects and has the capability to heal wounds quickly.

It helps increase collagen production to improve fine lines and wrinkles. It can also reverse sun damage and lighten age spots.

Trophy Skin has a red light therapy device called RejuvaliteMD. In just 5 minutes, this hands-free lamp can rejuvenate the skin and prep it to make your serums and creams work better.

After the 5-minute red light treatment, follow up with a good quality serum or moisturizer to prevent skin dryness.

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A date-night idea

If you like to share a memorable experience with your special someone, a DIY Spa at home is a great thing to do. You can do an at-home facial with your boyfriend or husband, and get a chance to spend quality time together. It could be something you can do before, during or after a date night.

Relaxation is a must in a hectic lifestyle we all have. Although spending time in a spa is a great idea, we should not limit ourselves to have relaxation in spas alone.

We can convert our homes into a peaceful environment too even for just a few minutes or an hour.We just need to set the mood and enjoy a few quiet moments with ourselves or special someone.

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