Red Light Therapy: Joint Pain, Acne, Hair Loss & Healing Power

red light therapy benefits in healing skin issues acne and joint pain

Updated May, 2020

Red light therapy has been all the rage for the past few years because of its success in dealing with skin aging. Red light can boost collagen production and has the power to combat sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, diminish age spots and improve the skin’s texture and firmness.

Trophy Skin developed RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy specifically to address the problems of aging skin. It is an at-home Red Light LED lamp that is UV-free, meaning, it doesn’t contain harsh ultraviolet rays that can cause skin damage like sunburn and freckles.  

effects of UV light to the skin

How does it work?

Many people are still reluctant to try out red light therapy because most are not familiar with its use. RejuvaliteMD Red Light LED Therapy is an FDA-cleared red light therapy device and its effectivity in targeting skin aging has been widely studied by researchers and scientists. (1) This technology has been used by doctors and estheticians alike to target the signs of aging without doing any invasive procedures.

What’s great about this technology is up to this day, no known adverse side effect has been reported!

The RejuvaliteMD is designed to have 120 LED bulbs and is divided by 4 different spectra of red lights. There are 3 rows of Red LED with a wavelength of 660nm, 3 rows of Yellow LED with a wavelength of 590nm, 3 rows of Amber LED with a wavelength of 630nm, and another 3 rows of Infrared LED with a wavelength of 880nm. The infrared bulbs do not show color and appear naked to the eye.

rejuvalitemd anti aging red light lamp

Just like when sunlight is needed by plants to generate their food, red light therapy is a safe option for humans to correct signs of aging at the cellular level.

The LED bulbs give off light that penetrates the skin at different levels. It excites and target cells that need repair. It leads to increased blood flow that causes increased cell proliferation, better anti-inflammatory response, and production of collagen and fibroblasts.

Does it work fast?

Although the idea of shining a light to combat aging skin seems magical, it doesn’t work overnight. Remember, you did not age instantaneously. You gradually amassed all those wrinkles, age spots, and sun damage so hoping that it will be erased immediately is impossible.

You need to set your expectations when using Red Light Therapy. The key to success in this treatment is using it consistently for a period of time. Allow time for red light therapy to work its magic and heal your skin from within.

Clinical studies performed in the name of red light therapy takes at least 5-12 weeks. (2) Of course, we recommend that you continue using your RejuvaliteMD, if not daily, at least 5 days a week and if you want to keep seeing results, that it should be a part of your skin care game.

But that’s too much work!


Again, you are racing with time here and although it is impossible to stop the hands of time, it is rewarding to know that you have done something to hold on to youth for as long as you can!

Because of the success of red light therapy in helping reduce the signs of aging, other uses for it is also now being studied. Although RejuvaliteMD is cleared to be used for aging skin problems, red light therapy may also work for other health problems as well.

Again, the information provided in this article is just a suggestion and needs more research. You may consult your doctor if red light therapy is something that could work for your condition.

Red light therapy at home for wrinkles  and age spots

Here are other possible uses for Red Light LED Therapy:

Joint Pain

According to Dr. Bernard E. Filner, Low-level Laser Therapy is used to manage pain in people suffering from chronic joint pain. Red Light in the wavelength of 830nm can penetrate at least 5 cm of the skin and results to increased blood flow to a specific area or joint. This helps decrease pain especially in people suffering from fibromyalgia.  

Unlike pain medications that you may develop resistance to or may lead to peptic ulcers with long-term use, healing the cause of pain is a better option to manage the pain. And that’s precisely what red light therapy does. It targets the pain receptors and desensitizes it to eliminate the pain.


Red light is also known to heal acne. It has anti-inflammatory effects. Again, red light causes more blood to flow to an area where it is used. This results in a better response to healing the inflammation. Aside from the collagen to repair the damage, our white blood cells also fight the infection off and repair the damage from within. On the other hand, blue light therapy is used to kill the acne causing bacteria, to help manage acne too.

Together, blue and red light therapy are great tools to combat acne and heal the damage it leaves in our skin. (3)

Wounds, Cuts, and Scrapes

Wounds heal faster if we have better blood circulation. If you notice for people with diabetes, they have poor blood circulation especially on their feet that’s why they are prone to having non-healing wounds. Red light therapy improves this.

Our blood contains many components to sustain life. It carries oxygen and nutrients to nourish our body. It also contains white blood cells to combat infection and platelets to help in blood clotting. Because of better blood circulation, cuts and scrapes heal faster with the help of red light therapy. (4)


A bruise is formed when blood leaks from the veins and seep into the skin tissue. It may be caused by an impact or blow to an area that led to the rupture of underlying blood vessels. Using red light will hasten the healing of bruises by making the white blood cells act on the dead blood cells that got trapped on the skin.

Hair Loss

Red light in the wavelengths between 630nm to 670nm are proven to be effective in managing hair loss caused by stress, side effects of medication, those undergoing menopause or those who had surgery.

It is best to start red light therapy at the onset of hair loss to have more pronounced results. What it does is the red light is absorbed by the hair follicles, causing it to grow healthier and stronger.

However, this doesn’t revive hair follicles that are already dead. Also, it doesn’t make hair grow where there was no hair before. Again, this is not magic. Be patient and use it consistently for a period of 3-6 months to see positive results.


Sunlight was thought to provide relief from psoriasis. However, because of too much exposure to the UV rays, the risks outweighs the benefit you can get. Why bake under the sun to enjoy a psoriasis-free life when you can get skin cancer in the end? It is not worth it!

The use of red light therapy for psoriasis is still new. More research has to be done to back up the claim for this. Again, because there are no noted side effects, more researchers are encouraged to test out the possibilities red light can bring.

Again, these are possible cases where red light therapy can be used for. It is exciting that a lot of people are enthusiastic about the endless possibilities light therapy can bring. Who knows? Maybe someday, we can also use light therapy for cancer prevention or cure debilitating diseases.

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• I understand that I will not be allowed to have treatments during any pregnancy.

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