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Top 5 Black Friday At Home Beauty Deals of 2017

Updated January, 2020 The busiest shopping day of the year is fast-approaching. Yes, Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!) is lurking around the corner. We are sure you are ready to go shopping and get great deals from your favorite brands. As a treat, Trophy Skin is giving you awesome deals this year to help you achieve your skin goals!   via GIPHY   Have you been eyeing our professional-grade MicrodermMD? Or do you know a skincare enthusiast that would go gaga over high-tech skincare devices? This is the perfect time to own a reliable, top of ...


A.M. Skin Care

Updated January, 2020.  Are you ready to face the day? After a night of sleep (or late parties), your skin needs a boost. Kick-start your day and prepare to take on the world!   via GIPHY   Aside from meeting people, your skin will brave environmental pollutants. Smoke, dust, sugar, and even sunlight can all play a role in your skin health. These can clog your skin, damage it or contribute to premature aging.   There are many factors that contribute to skin aging and damage. It is important to fight off these elements with a proper skincare...


Blackheads: Prevention, Recurrence, & How to Get Rid of Them!

Updated January, 2020 One of the most common skin afflictions that pester an average person is blackheads. This affects almost anyone even those who technically have good skin. Even if you have very few dark spots or seldom breakout, this skin affliction can still find its way in your skin especially your T-zone. During summer, these tiny pore plugs become even more prevalent because we sweat more and produce more oil that contributes to its formation. It is unpleasant to look at and make us stress out even more. There are countless blogs ...


What Triggers Teenage Acne and How to Beat it

Updated January, 2020 Adolescence is a very memorable stage of everyone’s life. It is during this stage where we figure out who we want to become, build our dreams and develop our physical and psychological well-being. However, with all the demands of school, family, and friends, being a teenager is not always a walk-in-the-park. Some go through tough times, dealing with not just the people around them but also dealing with all the changes that happen in their bodies during this stage of life. (1) You get mood swings, you get angry and upse...


Oily Skin, Acne, White Heads, & Shine: 5 Skincare Tips to Manage Them All!

Updated January, 2020 Most people wish for a lot of things like win the lottery, have a smaller waistline, have eyebrows on fleek but for a girl with combination or oily skin, it could simply just to last a day without looking like an oily mess.  Oil is not exactly bad. Our skin produces sebum to keep it healthy, nourished and moisturized. What makes it bad is if it is produced in excess. Sebum plugs may form, bacteria may get trapped and lead to acne. It is especially frustrating that after a few hours of applying makeup, you experience th...


6 Skincare Tips for Better Looking Skin Almost Instantly

Updated March, 2020. We all dream to have perfect skin. Who doesn't want to wake up to a blemish-free, baby-smooth, pimple-free skin? You can proudly say "I woke up like this" and don't have to spend hours to attempt to cover up your skin imperfections because, well, you don't have any to begin with. If only we all have that perfect gene that gives us the perfect skin. Sadly, we all have different skin and we all have our own little ways to cope up with a certain skin issue. Yes, some people might benefit from chemical peels b...


4 Facts About Blackheads & How To Improve Your Skin

Updated January, 2020 A lot of Tweets talk about how to get rid of blackheads. You would be surprised that this skin problem is the bane of many and has resulted to painful, face-scratching and squeezing sessions. A lot of people take comfort in doing that, but we all know the fact that picking your face is a no no! Our skin is covered in hair. Some are too fine to be seen by the naked eye but hair covers every...


All About Acne: Acne Types and Remedies

Updated January, 2020 Acne is a very common skin condition that affects people no matter what race, age, or geographical location. This is caused mainly by bacteria, hormonal changes, stress, environmental influences, and poor food choices. However, most people aren’t aware that acne has several types. ...


Is A Home Microdermabrasion Kit Worth The Money?

Updated January, 2020. Let's turn back time for a minute: remember going to video stores such as Blockbuster to rent your favorite flick or to see a new release? Those were the good old days and those days were not too long ago! But did you rent your all-time favorite movie week after week? It didn't make much sense to rent your favorite flick repeatedly and waste money when you could save yourself a lot more money in the long run by just purchasing the- dare I say it- VHS so you own it for life and never have to pay to rent it...


5 Common Skin Sins To Avoid

Updated January, 2020 We all make mistakes, and when it comes to personal care such as skin care, you could potentially be damaging your skin without even realizing it. Despite your good intentions, continue reading to find out what skin care practices you may be doing that actually yield results that are the opposite of what you intended. Using the Wrong Face Cleanser Sometimes half the problem with our skin issues ar...


End Your Battle With Breakouts...For Good

Updated January, 2020 I've learned over the years in my practice as an Esthetician that acne is not a one size fits all battle. Sometimes it's a multi-faceted demon that has to be attacked from different angles, and other times it's a swift, straightforward ordeal. Whether the breakouts you battle is mild, severe or somewhere in between, there is a solution. Keep reading and you'll find out why acne rears its ugly head and how to overcome it accordingly. So, why do we break out? There are numerous possible reasons: ...


How To Get Rid Of Bumpy, Congested Skin

Updated January, 2020 Who doesn't covet smooth, flawless skin that is free of pesky bumps and blackheads? Regardless of age, gender and ethnicity, anyone can get those tiny flesh-colored bumps- yes, even celebrities struggle with this issue. Oily skin is typically accompanied by bumps and severe congestion, and sometimes you have to keep excessive oil production under control first, so your skin will yield fewer blackheads and bumps. Oily skin has larger pores, which has more room to trap oil and debris, thereby, causing...

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