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Updated April, 2020 Microdermabrasion has been around for years now but many people are still clueless to what it does. We get a lot of questions about what it is used for, what it does, and what improvements they are expected to notice when using it. The most common question we get is, is it effective in treating acne scars? In this article, we have included reviews from real people who gave their honest opinion and who has tried and worked with our different microdermabrasion devices. ...


Updated March, 2020. Everyone who had successfully braved the battle of a pimply past know that having acne is not such a bad thing. Yes, you read that right. Having acne is not that bad. Because little did you know, after the weird phase of disastrous acne breakouts, an even more horrifying experience is lurking around the corner. Acne scars are worse than having acne itself. Curing acne is easier because of a wide array of solutions to address it like facial cleansers, over-the-counter acne medications, blue light therapy, diet modi...


Updated March, 2020 Remember the time you battled pimples and acne? It seemed like every day is a brawl with yourself and the world. Many teenagers and acne-sufferers dealt with pimples head-on knowing that they couldn’t do anything to make their pimples disappear overnight. Sure they experimented on different products, followed beauty rituals, modify their diet, scratch off zits and whip up something from the pantry in the hopes of curing their pimples. The struggle is real, removing pimples is a pain in the ass. ...


Having Trouble With Your Skin? Updated January, 2020 Do you wake up each morning wondering how your skin is going to look today? Do you suffer from acne scars, premature aging or wrinkles, have consistent pimples, or feel like your skin looks saggy? If so, then you're probably experimenting with various skin care products wishfully hoping that one will finally be the solution to the glowing and healthy looking skin that you so desperately desire. Adding Layers of Chemical Products To Your Skin Is Making Things ...

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