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Top 10 DIY Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Top 10 DIY Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Posted on September 22, 2016

Halloween is right around the corner. Everyone is getting busy deciding what costume to wear or what character to portray. Going as a Disney Princess or a cute bunny may be too boring for some so we have decided to compile DIY easy Halloween makeup ideas for you.


If you have no time to shop for costumes or you have no idea where to get them, you can just make use of what you already have. Any drugstore makeup can be used to achieve your easy, do-it-yourself Halloween look. 

You can also buy face paints or body paints in craft stores if you don't want to make a mess out of your regular maquillages. It doesn’t matter if you have zero makeup skills or you have no idea what character to portray.

The videos we included in this tutorial are so easy to follow, even a kid can do it!

Of course, you can add your very own artistic flair to your Halloween look. You can search for inspiration in movies, comics, or even video games. Let your imagination run wild and unleash the inner artist in you.

To achieve a good Halloween look, it is important to have a good canvas when working on your art. Like painters, they start with a blank canvas and let their creativity flow. It is the same with applying makeup.

If you work on a smooth surface, the better your makeup will look.

Getting rid of the dead skin cells and unsightly bumps are necessary to help to apply makeup easier. Doing microdermabrasion a day before doing your Halloween makeup will help you achieve a smooth finish. You will notice that your makeup will adhere better and will last longer.

Also, to seal in your look, you can set it with our very own Hydrating Mist. It is refreshing and invigorating and will help make your makeup look flawless. 

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

You can find many DIY easy Halloween makeup tutorials on Youtube. Depending on your skill, you can go all out with the effects you like or be simple, yet totally freaky at the same time. 

The first video in our list is very easy to do. You can start with your everyday makeup look and just select which eye you like to cover up and look bloody. It’s perfect if you do not want to cover up your entire face or if you still want your friends to recognize you.



If you like to do a Snapchat Theme with your girlfriends, here's a pretty neat tutorial for you all. These four looks are very easy to achieve and won't require a lot of work. You can be creative without all the hassle of putting on a lot of products. Even if you have average makeup skills, this is easy to accomplish. 



The next video is inspired by a video game, The Legend of Zelda. This is Bethany’s interpretation of Majora’s Moon. Like I said, you can find inspiration anywhere. Be freaky and creative, it’s Halloween! 


You can also be an inanimate Halloween-related object. Here’s a creative inspiration from Madeyewlook. What’s freakier than being an Ouija board yourself? You can be the medium to call spirits from the underworld!



For those who are not allergic to latex, you can also do this look. It is simple, easy to achieve, and you end up looking like a posh, decaying monster. You can even select different areas of the face to get this look.

Be as creative as you can be.

You can also add cuts and wounds on other parts of your body as well. You can pair this with a tattered or bloodied dress to make you look more freaky. 



Although Suicide Squad had a very controversial opening, Harley Quinn has been an instant darling of the crowd! Aside from being a badass, Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn is so cool and her look is very easy to attain! There will definitely be a lot of Harley Quinn's this Halloween.  


Still from the same comic series, here’s a very artistic Joker makeup. Again, you can be as creative as you can. You can put your own twist or artistry to make this your own. You can dye your hair green or get a green wig to accomplish this look. 



However, if you do not want to look like anybody else, you can come up with your own character. You can be a freaky clown, a sexy clown or like this tutorial, a Glitter Clown Skull. Why not? Again, your imagination is limitless. You can be whoever you want to be. 



Now, if you are allergic to latex, here's an option for you. You can make fake wounds by using makeup. Here's a video to show you how easy it is to make yourself look gory and bloody. You don't have to worry getting itchy or ending up with hives from latex. 



Here's another tutorial that will not require latex. Although the artist mentioned it requires intermediate makeup skills, it is easy to achieve with practice. Plus, the video provides excellent guides and tips. 



These DIY easy Halloween makeup ideas will definitely level up your Halloween experience. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the process and have fun trick-or-treating and partying. 

Of course, after all the festivities, do not forget to remove all makeup or body paint from your skin. Remember, it is not advisable to sleep with your makeup on. You might wake up with new zits and we know, you do not want that to happen.

No matter how tired you are, be kind to your skin.

Use a makeup remover to remove all makeup residue. Wash your face as you would normally would. And follow up with a personal microdermabrasion cleaning .

You can do microdermabrasion to make sure you purge your pores of all the makeup you used. All you need is 5 minutes to enjoy a deep exfoliation and you may be surprised with how much dirt can sit on your face even after washing. 

Buffing your skin once up to three times a week will help you get a smooth canvas. Aside from that, you are also working to remove fine lines and wrinkles that make you look old. 

After all, Halloween is just once a year. You will still need to look good everyday after the festivity. 

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