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MiniMD Portable Handheld at Home Microdermabrasion

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Trophy Skin MiniMD Portable Handheld at Home Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Device for Exfoliation and Anti-Aging Easy to Use


Updated January, 2020

UPC: 851561006112


MiniMD Handheld Portable Microdermabrasion System - Lightweight Diamond Tip Device 

Trophy Skin’s MiniMD is a handheld skin maintenance tool that performs dermatologist recommended microdermabrasion treatments to keep your skin looking young and refreshed. Save time and money by using your own personal microdermabrasion device!

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The MiniMD features two levels of vacuum suction, (1) 100% crystal free professional diamond exfoliating tip, and (2) a simple operation that is easy for beginners.

Easy To Use: The MiniMD is a home use dermabrasion device - in just five minutes you can treat your entire face, neck, and chest.

Young & Refreshed Skin: This dermatologist recommended treatment is the best tool to keep your skin looking young and refreshed.

Compact & Convenient: The MiniMD is a handheld tool designed to deliver salon-quality microdermabrasion treatments.


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Restore & Replenish: Combining this microdermabrasion machine with skin care products will help to restore cell activity and replenish nutrients.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee: All devices and panels have been carefully tested and designed with your skin safety in mind.


The product comes with a diamond tip, 30 pack of black wool filters, user manual, 100-240V power adaptor, and a 6-month manufacturer warranty.


With regular use, MiniMD:

- Reduces the appearance of pores.

- Lightens hyperpigmentation.

- Decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

- Reduces blemishes.

- Minimizes visible capillaries.



Trophy Skin is a leading developer of innovative home beauty devices and skin care products. We stand behind our products.

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Benefits of MiniMD:

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Smooth out rough or uneven skin texture.
Get rid of sun damage and age spots.
Reduce the appearance of scars.
Get glowing, fresh young skin again.


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