From the article: "If she diligently applies facemasks week after week, the Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD Microdermabrasion On-The-Go is the ultimate gift."

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Leading Lady


From the article: "Give the gift of smooth skin with ​the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD! This at home spa-quality digital microbrasion system helps to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, liver spots and scars. Within a few weeks your Valentine will enjoy smooth, radiant skin! This is definitely a gift any woman would love!"

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From the article: "Love microdermabrasion but want to skip the expensive trip to spa? Do it at home! The Trophy Skin MiniMD is a mini handheld microdermabrasion system that is easy to use and effective."

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From the article: "Trophy Skin’s RejuvadermMD is a spa-grade anti aging beauty device that will QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY reduce eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, reduce age or liver spots, eliminate acne scars, reverse sun damage and so much more."

Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD Microdermabrasion System


From the article: "Trophy’s Rejuvalite MD utilizes groundbreaking LED technology to stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles and dark spots while improving firmness and elasticity. By using four UV-free wavelengths including red, yellow, amber, and infrared light, it treats multiple signs of aging. In just a few minutes every day several times a week, skin will look better, younger and more radiant."

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From the article: "Trophy Skin creates state-of-the-art microdermabrasion devices and light treatment products that increase firmness, fight acne, lighten age spots, reduce wrinkles and make your skin look brighter and healthier."

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From the article: "Give the gift of health with an ErgoErgo. The company made the products with improving life through healthy sitting in mind, and these chairs do just that. Using an ErgoErgo helps strengthen the body, keep the mind alert, and is perfect for working or relaxing."

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From the article: "We all love the glow we get after a facial but they can get really expensive so you may want to try Trophy Skin. Colorado's Best Host, Joana Canals tried out the MicrodermMD. Watch the segment to see how it works and how it can give you that glow without the price tag. Trophy Skin also has light therapy kits for anti aging and acne."

Microderm at Home


From the article: "Trophy Skin makes microdermabrasion devices and light treatmen products that give moms, well actually anyone, firmer, younger looking skin. These high-tech beauty tools smooth, tone and brighten skin at home. No pricey spa or dermatologist office necessary. Trophy Skin products provides professional results at a fraction of the price."

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