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Pore Extraction Tip

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Pore Extraction Tip

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Uses the power of suction to clear pores for healthy skin.

The Pore Extraction Tip, included in the standard kit for the MicrodermMD, RejuvadermMD, and UltradermMD used regularly will gradually remove blackheads, whiteheads, and excess sebum/oil.

This tip uses the suction motor on the MicrodermMD, RejuvadermMD, UltradermMD, and MiniMD to gradually pull debris deep from the pores. Individual results may vary.*

You would use this tip at the lowest suction level on alternate days of performing a microdermabrasion treatment. Regular Microdermabrasion coupled with the pore extraction will remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. This tip works with MiniMD but is not included in the MiniMD kit. 

Pore Extraction Tip is included in: 

  • UltradermMD
  • MicrodermMD
  • RejuvadermMD