Brighter, Softer Skin Gift Set

Brighter, Softer Skin Gift Set

This bundle is both travel and beginner-friendly, letting you easily begin your skincare journey anytime, anywhere.

BrightenMD and MiniMD bring all of the benefits of microdermabrasion, red light therapy, and sonic vibration together in two travel and beginner-friendly skincare devices.

MiniMD acts as a gentle vacuum for the skin by capturing dead skin cells and speeding up skin turnover with a unique diamond tip. Once the skin is smooth, the red light therapy and microcurrent from BrightenMD massage the skin with therapeutic warmth to reveal radiant skin.

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What's Included



An easy-to-use, personal microdermabrasion tool that delivers smooth skin on par with professional clinical treatments over time, yet it’s basic enough for novice users to operate.


Light Enhancing Serum 1 oz

Boosts light therapy through its main ingredient, plankton extract, which promotes healthy cells that improve skin appearance.


Anti-Aging Serum 10 ml

The argan in this serum stimulates your skin’s repair processes and helps reverse the signs of aging.


Compact multi-function eye, face, and neck tool with red light therapy, sonic vibration, EMS technology and a gentle warming function. A lot of power in one tiny package.

How To Use

icon Microdermabrasion


Start with clean skin. Plug MiniMD and turn on device. For beginners, use low suction and only level up when skin is accustomed to it. Brace skin with your free hand and place the diamond tip against the skin. Using short, even strokes, move the diamond tip flush with the skin. Move around to all desired areas of the face, working carefully on areas with dead skin.

icon Infusion


Apply 2-3 pumps of Light Enhancing Serum. Twist the head of BrightenMD and glide onto the skin. It will automatically turn on when in contact with the skin. Use for a minimum of 1 minute or until all serum is absorbed.

icon Add Serum

Add Serum

Take the Argan serum and apply it to the face. Pat face lightly with fingertips to help the skin absorb the serum. For best results, repeat the routine 2-3x per week in the evenings.

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