How to Use the


Recommended Regimen:

Use 5 minutes a day as part of your skincare routine or drop in your bag for a quick pick me up during the day.


  • Improves Circulation

  • Promotes Cell Renewal

  • Invigorates and Stimulates

  • Improves Product Absorption


Enhance your nightly serums with BrightenMD!

Instantly improve tired, puffy or aged skin around your eyes, mouth, and forehead with this 4-in-1 device.

Red LED Light therapy to improve circulation and brightness

Microcurrent to stimulate muscle contraction

Heat therapy to both increase blood flow and relieve discomfort

Vibration massage improve serum delivery


  • Begin with clean, dry skin and make sure all makeup has been removed. Apply a lightweight serum to the treatment area (serum is not necessary but recommended for maximum results).

  • Touch the head of the device to the skin and feel the vibration start when it is in contact with the skin. The touch sensor will automatically shut off the device when contact is removed.

  • In small circular motions, massage your serum into the skin. Feel the microcurrents gently exercising the facial muscles. The heat will gradually build up throughout the treatment and reach peak temperature after 45 seconds.

  • Continue massaging the head of the device on the skin until all serum is absorbed. BrightenMD may be used for 1-2 minutes per area daily.

For Lip Use:

  • Wipe off the head of the device with a clean towel before using on the lips.

  • Use with your lip serum to boost the fullness and smoothness of your lips. Just apply lip serum and massage in with the head of the device.

  • Use for 1-2 minutes per area per day for best results. Use on the eye area, around the mouth, on the forehead and the jaw area.

  • DO NOT use the BrightenMD on your eyelids. Stay on the outside of the orbital bone when treating the eye area.