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Recommended Regimen:

For Microdermabrasion

We recommend using your UltradermMD 1-3 times per week to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

For Pore Extraction

Use on alternate days as microdermabrasion. May be used 1-3 times per week.

For Kinetic Toning

May be used daily to tone and stimulate the skin.


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100% Crystal Free Natural Diamond Tip Exfoliation

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Tips Include diamond tip, Pore Extraction Tip, Small and Large Kinetic Tips.

5 treatment modes: Microdermabrasion (Auto, Sensitive, and Manual Modes); Pore Extraction, and Kinetic Toning.

10 Power Levels of Suction


  • Make sure your UltradermMD is fully charged.

  • Wash face with a gentle cleanser and rinse with water. Pat dry.

  • Press the Power button, and hear the suction motor cycle on for 2 seconds. You can now choose one of the 5 treatment modes.

    Auto Mode

    This mode is excellent for beginners, as it will walk you through an entire treatment of each zone of the face and neck. Use the standard diamond tip, included in the kit, to lightly exfoliate the skin. Press the Auto button, and then press Start/Stop to begin the cycle.

    The Auto Mode will display the zone of the face to treat on the screen, along with a preset power level and a countdown timer. After the timer has run out, the screen will move you along to the next zone of the face. Treating your entire face, neck, and chest takes just 5 minutes.

    Manual Mode (Advanced)

    To switch to Manual Mode, press the Auto button once more. This mode is used if you need more time or you want to focus on a certain problem area. With Manual Mode, you can now control the suction power level using the Up and Down buttons for an unlimited time. We recommend switching to Manual Mode after you become comfortable doing UltradermMD Microdermabrasion Treatments.

    Sensitive Mode

    This mode is similar to Auto Mode but with gentler suction levels that are more suitable for sensitive skin. If the standard diamond tip is too harsh for your skin, you may purchase our Fine Diamond Tip instead for gentler exfoliation.

    This is used to extract excess sebum, oil, and pore clogs. This may help dislodge whiteheads and blackheads. Remove the Diamond Tip, make sure you have a clean filter in place and place the plastic Pore Extraction Tip on the wand. Using short, even strokes, gently move the Extraction Tip across the skin, paying particular attention to areas with clogged pores (the T-zone). Continuously glide the Extraction Tip. For your safety and comfort, never keep the tip still on one spot.

    Remove the Diamond tip, make sure you have a clean filter in place, and put either the Large or Small Kinetic Tip onto the wand. The small tip is for the eyes, forehead, and other more delicate or tighter facial areas). The large tip is for use on the cheeks, chin, and neck (or more “fleshy” areas). Gently glide the Kinetic Tip across the treatment area as indicated. You will want to allow 3-5 treatment pulses before moving to the next treatment area.

  • For All Modes:

    Place a clean filter on the wand before starting any treatment. Brace the skin with your free hand, and place the tip flat against the skin. Using short, even strokes, move the diamond tip across your skin. You should feel the suction against your skin with each stroke.

    If you are having trouble maintaining good contact with the skin, slow down each stroke and make sure that the tip is always flat against the skin.

    Tip: For Microdermabrasion, don’t stroke more than 2-3 times in the same spot. Doing so many lead to over exfoliation.

  • After Treatment
  • Wash your diamond tip with gentle soap, a soft brush, and water. Lightly brush the diamond tip to dislodge dirt and skin debris. Rinse it thoroughly. Let it air dry.

  • Put a new filter in the wand and then push the diamond tip back in place.

  • Wash your face with cold water to remove any remaining debris, and gently pat dry. Apply an anti-inflammatory serum, moisturizer, and SPF (if done during the day.)

    You may experience some redness and sensitive skin after your treatments, this is completely normal, and will usually subside within a few hours or by the next morning.

    You can lower the suction level or the number of weekly treatments to suit your own comfort level. Microdermabrasion is a gradual treatment process that will continue to improve the appearance and health of your skin for years.

    Avoid using other forms of exfoliation with microdermabrasion to prevent over-exfoliation.