How to Use the

Ultrasonic Spatula

Watch video tutorial

Recommended Regimen:

1-2 times a week for 15-20 mins for a few weeks until the skin becomes accustomed to treatments. Once the skin is accustomed you may use 2-3 times a week for 15-20 mins. Safe to use daily as well.


Ultrasonic waves at 30,000 Hz per second

Unclog Pores

Remove Dead skin Cells

Gets rid of Blackheads and excessive Oil

Treats your face, neck, chest, and pores on your nose

Infuses skincare serums with "Infusion Mode"


  • Wash face with a gentle cleanser. Do not pat dry as you need the skin to be wet to help with ultrasonic scrubbing. You may also moisten the skin being treated with water or facial spray.

  • Option 1: Scrubber Mode
  • Push Power/Mode button once for Skin scrubber Mode.

  • Hold the device with the spatula blade angled down.

  • While skin is wet, gently glide the edge of the spatula along the skin’s surface. (Moisten the skin with a facial mist or spray if skin becomes dry during Scrubber Mode.)

  • Wipe the gunk collected on the metal spatula as you progress.

  • Gently pat skin dry.

  • Option 2: Infusion Mode
  • Apply Serum without rubbing in.

  • Press Power/Mode button a second time for Infusion Mode.

  • Turn the device over so the spatula end is flat against the skin.

  • You will feel the spatula gently tapping the serum deep into your skin.