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If 2022 will be full of travel and adventure, we have all the skin care accessories you will need.

See what our top travel tools are for your skin care needs.

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The JeNu Plus is compact for easy, at-home or on-the-go use, that helps infuse your skin care serums and creams 6x better by using clinically proven ultrasonic vibrations. If your skin is experiencing X, Y, Z then we highly recommend this device.


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There is a reason this is the hottest tool for the summer. It’s small, compact, and has 4 major benefits packed into one wand!

  • Microcurrent stimulation to improve skin’s appearance
  • Therapeutic warming helps improve circulation
  • Red light therapy stimulates cell turnover and renewal
  • Ultrasonic vibration enhances absorption of your favorite serum
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This portable and compact, yet powerful, skin care device will help you achieve smoother, softer, more radiant skin. The RejuvadermMD accomplishes all of this through a high-tech combo of diamond exfoliation and gentle suction that buffs away dead skin cells. It features a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to stop your daily skin care routine even when you’re on the go. Start seeing results in as early as two weeks!
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The RejuvatoneMD Instantly improves facial tone and wrinkles by using gentle microcurrent technology that stimulates the facial and neck muscles. If you’re suffering from the effects of aging, sun damage,  or just have a wrinkle or two, the RejuvatoneMD is the device we recommend.
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All our serums are made 3oz or less, so no matter how you travel, you will be able to take your serums with you everywhere. Our serums are meant to enhance your skin care routine, and better your skin care experience as a whole.

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