Red Light Therapy and Adverse Side Effects

There are many articles and blogs informing people that Red Light Therapy has many benefits but there are not much write-ups discussing its possible side effects. To this day, the claims are true that there are no known or reported side effects to red light therapy.

It may be because the use of red light therapy has not been widespread. Although advancement in research has led to different medical applications of red light, there is no extensive study conducted to explore possible adverse side effects of red light therapy.

Are there any medical conditions tied to Red Light Therapy Use?

Although there has been no concrete study conducted to support this, it is safe to say that those who might be experiencing photosensitivity reactions must be cautious before using light therapy. It is recommended that you do a skin sensitivity test first before using any light therapy device because different individuals respond differently to light treatment.

Some will have no reaction while some might develop excessive redness or irritation. If you notice any excessive redness, irritation, itchiness or other reactions, you must contact the manufacturer of your light therapy device.

Usually, redness will disappear in a few hours to days. If the reaction progresses or becomes painful, consult your doctor.

If you are under medication, you might want to consult your doctor if light therapy will not make you extra sensitive. Some antibiotics and medicines make you extra sensitive to light so better double check your medicines and ask the experts before considering light therapy.

As with any other source of light, staring directly at the bulbs will cause eyestrain that may induce headaches, migraines, or nausea. The glare from the LED bulbs may also cause visual discomfort. In any setting wherein Light Therapy devices are used, protective goggles are provided to protect the eyes.

Who Should Avoid Red Light Treatment?

Pregnant women should also take caution in using light therapy devices. There have been no studies conducted to say that it is safe or not. Better be safe than sorry and consult your doctor first.

The bottom line is if you have any medical condition, have a history of photosensitivity reactions or under medications causing photosensitivity, it will not hurt to ask your doctors and get approval if light therapy is a yay or nay for you.

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