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Red Light Therapy: The Complete Guide Including Use, Benefits, & Treatment

There are many benefits a person can get with red light therapy however, it can get costly to go to a salon or spa and undergo red light therapy in several sessions. Why not buy your own at-home red light therapy device and share the light with the rest of your family? We listed down the perks of using red light therapy and why it is a good investment.

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Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red Light Therapy is 100% natural, chemical-free and drug-free medium to combat signs of aging. Unlike chemical solutions or toners that you apply on your skin, the natural red light used in the LED lamp penetrates the skin to activate cellular activity. You do not have to let your skin seep all those chemicals that in the long run, can be toxic for you.

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It is a painless, non-ablative and non-invasive procedure. All you need is to bask under the light and let it help produce fibroblasts and collagen to correct signs of skin aging. No need to go under the knife or torture yourself with needles. It does not damage the skin and it requires zero downtime. All you need is 5 minutes and you can go about your day, apply makeup, go to work or go out with your friends without having to worry that your skin will look terrible.

This light therapy is safe for all skin types and has no known adverse side effects. This well-researched at-home red light therapy device is FDA-approved to treat full facial wrinkles. It is safe for all ages. People with a limited range of motion or physical disability and the elderly may need assistance in operating the device.


Treatment for Your Skin

Red light therapy penetrates different levels of the skin to excite cellular activity and increase blood supply to the skin's surface. Increased blood flow to the area means more nutrients and oxygen to nourish the skin cells. This also leads to the production of fibroblasts and collagen that aids in the correction and prevention of certain skin issues.

The use of red light therapy results in a healthier and glowing skin and helps achieve a smoother skin tone. It helps correct sun damage acquired through years of neglect.

Increased blood flow also diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It works great in reducing Crow's feet and it helps soften laugh lines and forehead wrinkles too!

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It also hastens the skin's ability to heal blemishes like acne or small cuts or scrapes. Aside from that, it also supports the repair and creation of capillaries to reduce flushing or redness. Red light therapy also repairs and lightens stretch marks and scars.

Applications of Red Light Therapy

Because Red light therapy can help speed up the skin's ability to heal, it can be used to address numerous problems including the following:

  • Acne and Inflamed Acne Marks. Although Red Light is not used to kill acne-causing bacteria, it will help reduce the inflammation brought about by acne. Red and Infrared lights penetrate the skin at different levels and power up the cells to repair the skin from within. It repairs the skin tissues that acne has destroyed. This leads to faster healing of the acne and prevents further tissue damage that may lead to pitting acne scars. On the other hand, Blue Light Therapy is clinically proven to starve off P. acnes bacteria that is the most common cause of acne.
  • Bites. Because of the red light's ability to speed up healing, bite wounds or punctures to the skin will be healed faster because of increased blood flow to the area.
  • Bruises. Bruises are caused by leaking blood to the skin tissues either by a direct trauma or broken capillaries. Because the blood cannot go out of the body without any break to the skin, it gives off a bluish hue that is what we often call a bruise. Red light therapy will be able to deliver nutrient-rich blood supply to the area faster that will repair and aid in the formation of new capillaries.
  • Minor Burns. Red Light Therapy does not give off heat so it will not add to the damage that burns cause. What it will do is increase the blood supply to the area so that our body's natural defenses and repair mechanism will be able to do its work faster.
  • Cuts, Scrapes and Wound Care. Like mentioned, increased blood flow to the area helps speed up the body's ability to repair itself naturally.
  • Dry Skin and Psoriasis. The Red Light penetrates the thickened skin and power up the skin cells. Because of the increased blood flow to the surface of the skin being treated, more nutrients are delivered to that area. That means it quenches the thirst of the skin to be nourished. Oxygen-rich blood flows to the treated areas, also increasing the hydration brought about by good blood supply.
  • Scars and Stretch marks. Stretch marks are brought about by saggy skin either from weight loss or aging. Collagen depletion from the body results in having loose, stretchy and saggy skin. Red light therapy helps stimulate collagen production thus preventing further development of stretch marks. It also helps lighten and diminish scars and even overall skin tone.
  • Sun Damage. Red light is a superstar in correcting sun damage. UV-free LED bulbs are used to safely and effectively deliver red light therapy. The red light wavelength spurs cellular activity to help reverse sun damage. It can lighten age spots.
  • Wrinkles. Because of loss of collagen, wrinkles start to creep up on our face (or neck). Red light therapy helps boost collagen and fibroblasts production to help correct these unsightly tell-tale signs of aging. It works on undereye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow's feet. RejuvaliteMD from Trophy Skin is FDA-approved to treat full facial wrinkles. 
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Treatment for Pain and Injury

Red light therapy speeds up the healing of wounds and injuries to the body and reduces inflammation too. It can improve the range of motion of joints which is a common problem for those who are experiencing arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other forms of joint pains. It helps reduce pain for those who suffer fibromyalgia too.


Stimulates Hair Growth

Aside from working on the skin, it works for the hair too! You do not need laser lights to stimulate your hair follicle to grow. The right kind of red light wavelength is enough to jumpstart hair growth! 

There are many factors to consider in the success of regrowing hair. The key is to have visible red light absorbed by the hair follicle. Wavelengths between 630-670 nanometers are most effective in being absorbed and cause a natural biological reaction to stimulate hair growth.

Now, if the hair follicle has actually died, it cannot absorb the visible red light. Too bad there are no known treatments to resurrect dead hair follicles yet. 

Success in regrowing hair also relies on how early the treatment is started. The earlier that it is done, the better the results. The kind of hair loss matters too. 

Red light hair loss therapies are recommended for individuals who have temporary hair loss due to issues such as medication side effects, stress, surgery, or other hair loss conditions, such as male pattern baldness or menopause.

Now, do not worry that it will cause hair growth in unwanted areas. If no hair follicles are present in the areas you will be treating, then no hair will grow there. It will not thicken your facial hair. 

It takes about 2 to 3 months to see significant results in red light therapy for hair regrow. Be patient and do not forget to do your treatments daily for best results. 


Treatment for Rosacea 

This drug-free and chemical-free treatment have no reported side effects which make it a suitable choice of treatment for rosacea. It is non-invasive and is safe for daily use.

Visible red light can boost the skin's ability to heal itself by 200%. The skin absorbs the red light which can power up the skin cells to heal itself. It can improve blood flow to deliver oxygen to areas that need repair and heal damage.

Because red light can penetrate the skin, it can heal rosacea-related acne without the use of chemicals that make the skin extra sensitive. It has no downtime and is a safe and painless way to treat rosacea.

The different wavelengths of red light used in RejuvaliteMD are effective in decreasing inflammation and reduce redness, swelling and skin tenderness. It can manage redness or flushing and boost the healing of the skin from within.


Red Light Therapy for Losing Weight

Although it sounds impossible to lose weight by just shining red lights on fatty areas of the body, it is backed by science. Red Light makes it easier for people to lose weight because it causes fat cells to dump their contents, making fats easier to be removed by the body.

When red light is used on fat tissues, it causes the fats to break down. Fats are then converted to carbon dioxide which we remove from our body through urinating, defecating and breathing out.

You don't need powerful lasers to blast and remove fat cells. You also do not need to undergo liposuction and other surgeries to remove excess fats. Even the simple LED's can help in reducing weight. You just need the correct wavelengths between 630 to 680 nm to do the work.

However, if you do not make the necessary lifestyle changes that will support your weight loss, you will not appreciate your results. If you keep on bingeing on salty snacks and junk food, you will retain more liquid and it will cause you to feel bloated. Unhealthy eating also adds more to body fats and weight gain.


Indeed, red light therapy can be used in many health problems related to the skin and other parts of the body. It is a good investment because it can address not only aesthetic problems, but it has also been proven to hasten wound repair, alleviate pain, grow hair back, manage rosacea, lose weight and postpone the aging process.

Now the only question remains, does red light therapy work? If so, how does this technology function?