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Type 6 - Normal with Anti-Aging Focus

Your condition of oiliness/dryness is dependent on seasons and environment. You are looking for added hydration without heavy oil to keep your skin moisturized and calm. You may have blackheads or clogged pores. Alternatively, you may also have hyperpigmentation. Your skin may be tired and you are looking to get your glow back. Finally, you are also concerned about aging and loss of tone.

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Skincare Tips



Apply SPF like your life depends on it! Especially to areas that get lots of incidental sun exposure while you are driving. Ever notice spots on your left side?



Eat healthy. Toxic ingredients like added sugar age your skin along with the rest of the body as much, if not more, than daily sun exposure.



Get plenty of restful sleep. 7-9 hours is the current recommendation. Less than that doesn't allow your body, including skin, to repair from the stresses of the day; therefore accelerating the aging process.



Stay hydrated, inside and out. Use a good moisture-locking moisturizers, body lotion and lip balm. As well, drink plenty of fluids; especially when the weather is hot or dry.