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Type 8 - Dry, Sun-Damaged and Aging

Your skin feels tight and dry year-round, thirsting for hydration and nourishment. You have have hyperpigmentation as well as loss of tone and elasticity. Your skin looks tired, in need of a glow. You want to keep your skin healthy, smooth and younger-looking.

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Skincare Tips



Exfoliate regularly to remove those top layers of dead skin cells. Doing so will allow your anti-aging ingredients to penetrate the surface as well as reveal glowing skin that lives beneath the surface.



Always wear an appropriate anti-agin moisturizer that locks in moisture and promotes continual hydration. Keeping skin hydrated prevents lines from forming, or deepening.



Go easy on the make-up. Powder-based make-up tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles making them more visible. Choose a lightweight foundation and always check the color in natural daylight to avoid to dark of an application.



Apply SPF like your life depends on it! Especially to areas that get lots of incidental sun exposure while you are driving. Ever notice spots on your left side?