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Light Enhancing Serum

Packed With Nutrition For Skin


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Formulated specifically for use with our light therapy products, this lightweight serum gives your light therapy treatment a boost with nutritious ingredients.

This lightweight serum is fortified with Plankton Extract. Plankton extracts come from many different sources, including many species of seaweed and algae. 

This highly nutritious ingredient that feeds your skin with a plethora of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants.

These nutrients promote healthy cells by providing deep, enduring moisture to the skin, both by being a source of moisture themselves and training skin to hold on to its moisture, instead of excreting it to the surface. Light Enhancing Serum improves the look of broken or damaged skin, by providing the components that skin needs to restore itself.

Because some forms of plankton survive off of photosynthesis, they contain vital enzymes that can brighten the appearance of skin. Because of this Light Enhancing Serum can help to remove the look of impurities, including dark spots and blemishes, and restore skin to a more radiant appearance.

Light Enhancing Serum’s antioxidant and chlorophyll content also helps to protect skin from further sun damage, not just removing free radicals caused by sun exposure by also blocking UV light.

Light Enhancing Serum is safe to use, even for sensitive skin, because it is designed to calm where other products might inflame. 

With regular use, Light Enhancing Serum

  • Repairs sun damage
  • Deeply moisturizing and soothing
  • Provides anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anti-cellulite properties
  • Supplies skin with a multitude of natural minerals, silicon, and vitamins
  • Especially suitable for the sensitive and irritated skin
  • Helps to protect skin from further sun damage


Active Ingredients

  • Plankton Extract: Contains ‪DNA repair‬ ‪‎enzymes‬, which repair damaged skin cells (especially UV damage)
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Increases skin hydration and plumpness


How to Use

After thoroughly cleansing and drying face, gently pat a small amount of serum into the skin. Apply just prior to your RejuvaliteMD to enhance your red light therapy treatments.

Complete Ingredient List: Water, Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Ergothioneine, Sodium Hyaluronate Powder, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Plankton Extract, Oleth-10, Saccharide Isomerate, Sodium Citrate, Butylene Glycol, Lecithin, Tromethamine, Potassium Sorbate, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyhexylglycerin, Citric Acid

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