Pore Extraction Tip

Amazing tool when used on lowest setting the results are perfect. Don't use high setting or you will end up with little red marks that will last for days. The trophy is a power house of strength use as directed to get your skin in amazing shape. Best device I've ever purchased. My makeup goes on flawlessly and last all day into the evening. *


Works well. Easy to change. No need to clean. You can see your pores getting clean as you move the tip across your face. *


Glad I bought this tip works well and easy to change. *


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Hats off to Trophy Skin! Your products are the Bomb (that means wonderful) and they deliver! I love my MicrodermMD and Labelle—as they keep my skin looking fresh. I am not a big online ordering fan; in fact your company is one of the few that I trust to use fulfill products prior to my personal inspection. My only issue is that I wish you guys would create more of a variety of skin products so that I won’t have to shop anywhere else! *


Pore Extraction Tip

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