Precision Diamond Tip for angular areas of the face for microdermabrasion tools

I love my microdermabrasion home tool. The small tool enables a more precise use of the tool. I have seen great results in skin tone and texture. I also opportunities to streamline the number products I use. I no longer feel the need to purchase separate exfoliation cleansers. *


This tip works well for hard to get areas. I used it under my eyes, bridge of my nose, and valley between my nostrils. It worked great. This is a must have. *


It took awhile to receive which is common during the Christmas Season. But it is actually working very well for removing dark spots. I will be using it soon on a friend who has acne scars which are quite new. *


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I could tell a difference after the first time! I'm so happy to now have a microdermabrasion system at home. That is the one most treatment from the spa that brought the most results for me. Thank you, Trophy Skin! *


Precision Diamond Tip

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