Clay Mask

It felt nice while on- no burning or any adverse side effects and was a nice relaxing experience all around. It was easy to wipe off with warm water as well. The best part, however, was how my face looked after removal. My skin look lovely after removing the mask. It was nice and glowy but no redness or anything. It felt a bit tighter and my pores looked very clean. As a side note, I have very sensitive skin and felt no negative effects from this mask at all- so pleased! I will definitely be incorporating this mask into my home spa routine and would highly recommend it!! Total win :) *


Skin felt smoother and clearer right away and the effect lasts many days. *


I've only use this clay mask for a short period of time. It's too soon to tell if this product is working for me. However I will say that after using this mask my skin feel a lot smoother. I will continue to use this mask and hopefully achieve great result. *


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Since I have been using your skin care line, I cannot believe the improvement/brightness of my skin. I receive compliments all the time about my beautiful/flawless skin. Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I have quite an investment in your products and have never regretted my decision. *


Clay Mask