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Standard Diamond Tip

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Standard Diamond Tip

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Preserves the quality and effectiveness of your home microderm beauty treatment. This is a medium-coarseness tip suitable for your face and body. The tip is made with real, natural diamonds and is crystal-free, which means no harmful synthetic ingredients.

It’s built to last at least 3 to 6 months with normal usage with regular care and cleaning. This tip is included standard in all UltradermMD, MicrodermMD, MiniMD and RejuvadermMD kits. Individual results may vary.*

  • For use only with UltradermMD, MicrodermMD, MiniMD and RejuvadermMD
  • Suction level on your device may be adjusted accordingly for more or less sensitive skin for an amazing microdermabrasion at home.

  • Clean the standard diamond tip after every use to keep receiving effective microdermabrasion treatments. Skin debris gets lodged between the diamond particles and prevents you from exfoliating your skin effectively
  • Carefully detach the diamond tip from your Trophy Skin microdermabrasion device
  • Wash with a gentle soap, water and a soft brush to dislodge skin debris from the tips 
  • Rinse thoroughly and air dry