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Red Light Therapy Facts You Need To Know

Red Light Therapy Facts You Need To Know

Posted on June 10, 2016

Interested in Trophy Skin's Red Light Therapy Device? The LED RejuvaliteMD. When purchasing a device, 90% of the customers do research facts about the product; to gather more information about it. More often than not it helps consumers decide if the product will be able to help them with their skin. Let us provide you tips if RejuvaliteMD is the right anti-aging product for you.


Let's start with the history of the Red Light Therapy or generally referred as heliotherapy is an exposure to wavelengths of light using lasers, light-emitting diodes, flourescent lamps or full-spectrum light. The light is set for a prescribed amount of time which is commonly use and known for treatment of rosacea, skin disorders, psoriasis, eczema and produce collagen thats associated with aging.

What does Trophy Skin's RejuvaliteMD have to offer?

This is easy, we offer you a At-Home Red Light Therapy Device, it may not be as effective than having it done through a professional Spa; However we are offering you an alternative to endless and expensive trips to the Spa which will cost you more. For only $249, you already have your own Red Light therapy device. It doesn't work like a miracle but it works if you do it with commitment and patience. Plus, our device is FDA approved.

Do you need Red Light Therapy treatment?

Let us help you decide if you need one of our RejuvaliteMD. One way or another we have felt so helpless what to do with our skin problems. sometimes we are on a limited budget or simply doesn't want the hassle of going to clinics or spa's. Do you have fine lines and wrinkles that you need to get rid off? age spots, sun damage skin, uneven skin tone or you'd like to slow down the aging process? If YES! Then you definitely need the RejuvaliteMD. Let us add a tip, physical activity, right food and drinking lots of water can help with aging.

Now, there is no guarantee you'll get a result in 3 weeks or 6 weeks. However based on our clinical trial, an average user will see results within 4 weeksto 6 weeks of consistent usage. Key is patience and commitment, we recommend that to our customers to use the device at least 5 times per week, 5 minutes per session.

If you are interested, curious or confused don't hesitate to visit us at and take advantage of our 24/7 Chat Support System. We cannot wait to help you! Come and visit us and let us help you find the right light.

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