20 Fantastic Things All Women Should Spoil Themselves With

20 Fantastic Things All Women Should Spoil Themselves With

Life can be quite stressful, regardless of whether you’re a mom, wife, career-driven person—or all three. Over time, stress can have a debilitating effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. The best way to alleviate stress is to spoil yourself now and then.

Here are 20 fantastic things all women should do to spoil themselves.

20 fantastic things all women should spoil themselves with

1. Home Spa Pamper

home spa pamper

Give yourself a full-spa experience at home to alleviate stress and release all those feel-good chemicals. Clear your schedule, relax, and pamper yourself with some high-quality products such as the MiniMD Handheld Microdermabrasion System from Trophy Skin.

2. Weekend Getaway

weekend getaway

Getting away for a day or two can boost your energy levels and give you some much-needed life perspective. Open Google Maps, find the nearest mountain or body of water to your home, and see if there is luxury accommodation available in the area.

3. Girls’ Night Out

girl's night out

A girls’ night out will improve your mood and allow you to grow your relationships with your besties. This is also the perfect night to let loose, have fun, and do the things that you don’t do every day, such as dressing up and ordering your favorite cocktail.

4. Extra Shuteye

extra shut eye or sleep

Most people need seven to nine hours of sleep per night. If you treat your sleeping schedule as an afterthought, lying in or taking a long nap may be the perfect way to rejuvenate and spoil yourself. Extra sleep will also provide relief from chronic fatigue and improve your focus.

5. Unplug


If you have a limited budget or busy schedule, take some time to unplug. Switch off all your devices, pour yourself a glass of wine, and spend some time watering your plants, playing with your pets, or listening to music.

6. New Hobby

new hobby

A new hobby provides you with the opportunity to explore yourself and your talents. Learning new things such as origami, oil painting, or photography will force you to take some time off from your hectic schedule. A hobby is also an ideal way to relax constructively.

7. Join a Book Club

join a book club

Joining a book club can be one of the best ways to spoil yourself, even if you are not an avid reader. Book clubs will help you rediscover the joy of reading, and it is a great way to meet new friends and gain new perspectives.

8. Buy Yourself a Present

buy yourself a gift or present

Rent, medical bills, and other expenses can sometimes keep you from buying that one item that you always wanted. Do a little financial planning, prioritize your own needs for once, and buy yourself a big present.

9. Adopt a New Pet

adopt a new pet

A cat or dog can be one of the best sources of company and personality in your home, especially if you live alone. According to some studies, the alleviation of stress and happiness associated with pets can promote your health as well.

10. Take the Day Off

take the day off

Taking a day off can be a great way to spoil yourself. Before doing so, finish your work, and clean your home. If your work and dishes accumulate, an entire day of doing nothing can be quite stressful.

11. Get a Mani-Pedi

get a mani and pedi

Manicures and pedicures are two of the most popular ways for women to spoil themselves. They are not only great because they make your nails look nice, but the personal attention can also be enjoyable and relaxing.

12. Go Shopping

go shopping

If you have the budget and time, why not go to the mall and spend the day shopping? Trying on clothes you like and shopping for a new handbag or boots may be all the therapy you need to face the day tomorrow.

13. Have a Cheat Day

have a cheat day

If you adhere to a strict meal plan and never let yourself go, have a cheat day. Get the food that you always wanted but never allowed yourself to eat. Contrary to popular belief, a single donut will not go straight to your hips. Besides, tomorrow you are back on the horse.

14. Buy Art

buy art

Go to an art gallery, and buy a piece of art that you like, and that makes you happy. Don’t research investment considerations, the artist’s name, or technical requirements that every art piece has to meet. The only buying consideration should be your personal preference.

15. Redecorate


Redecorating your home, office, or kitchen can be an emotionally rewarding experience. A revamping project also allows you to impress your personality in a room and live out your creativity. Do a little planning beforehand to ensure that you have enough time and funds for a complete project.

16. Makeover


If you feel that your look lacks excitement, or if you wear the same makeup and hairstyle every day, give yourself a makeover. You can change your look completely by changing your haircut, finding products that work with your skin type, and giving volume to your lashes. Experimenting with different shades of lipstick can also go a long way to change your overall look.

17. Go Out for Dinner

go dine out

Book a table at your favorite restaurant for you and your partner. A night out in each other’s company will not only bring you closer together, but it will also be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

18. Cook for Yourself

cook for yourself

Take a recipe book or do an online search to find out how to make your favorite dish. Then, go to the store and buy all the ingredients together with something to drink. Cooking for yourself and others will improve your cooking skills and can be therapeutic.

19. Hire Someone to Clean Your House

hire home cleaners

Many private cleaners and companies specialize in extensive house-cleaning services. Get these people to clean your house and get rid of all the dust and pollutants in your home. At the end of the day, you will have a clean home without low energy levels.

20. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show

watch your favorite shows or chick flicks

Many people are apprehensive about excessive tv watching for fear of wasting their lives. However, a few hours of focusing on the stressful lives of Mr. White and Pinkman can be the perfect way to unwind.

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