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Simple Tips To Avoid Sun Damaged Skin During Winter

Simple Tips To Avoid Sun Damaged Skin During Winter

Posted on January 12, 2016

Sun damage can occur at any time of the year, not just summer where the heat of the sun is at its peak. Skin cancer and skin aging is just a couple of skin problems that are often related to sun damaged skin caused by UVA rays. While most people won’t leave home without applying sunscreen lotions and creams during the hot, summer days, not everyone knows that you can still get sun damaged skin even during winter. Yep, you read it right. No matter how low the temperature has dropped, the harmful ray of the sun is just as lethal during the cold winter days. Here are 3 simple tips to keep your skin free from sun damage during winter.

Apply sunscreen.

Skin tends to dry during winter and if you have dry skin, chances are you’ll find your skin even drier than it should. Cracking, flakiness and rough to the touch are just a few simple signs that your skin is telling you it needs additional nourishment to keep it from drying up. Aside from your usual moisturizing cream, lathering a generous amount of sunscreen, preferably one that is cream-based will get the job done and protect your skin even for the cold winter days.

Man applying sunscreen

Combine skin protection products.

You probably notice that when you go out on a cold day, the first thing that catches a cold is your T-zone, then your cheeks and finally the rest of your face. The T-zone, which is actually your forehead, your nose, and chin, are the first skin areas to feel the impact of the winter weather. These areas normally become oily, while your cheeks and jaw line tend to become dry. To protect these areas from sun damage, consider applying different products.

Water-based sunscreen will work best for the oily T-zone area while cream-based sunscreen can take care of the other areas of your face. The water content in these types of products will help hydrate your skin under the heat of the sun this winter while cream based products give normal skin a little bit more attention to keep it from the harmful rays of the sun and the numbing wind during the cold days.

Invest to protect your skin.

While lotions, creams and other skin products help protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, skin aging is inevitable. Investing in at-home professional-grade skin care tools such as red light therapy is a great way to take care of your skin along the way. Red light therapy provides an advanced level of protection to help treat sun damaged skin and skin aging. Using the benefits of LED technology, red light therapy is an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin and age spots while stimulating your skin's natural healing process.

Woman using RejuvaliteMD by Trophy Skin
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