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Basic Skin Care That Works, Even For Sensitive Skin!

Developing a skin care routine may be rocket science for some but we promise, it doesn’t take a genius to plan out a very simplistic routine that will work best even for your sensitive skin!

The key is keeping things simple, uncomplicated, and easy to accomplish on a daily basis. So let us share with you the basics and hope you are on your way to discovering your best skin!

Start by choosing the right cleanser

Simple is always better. For sensitive skin, choose cleansers with minimal ingredients. Relax, it is designed to wash off dirt and grime off your face. Chances are, it will only stay on your face for a few minutes.

If you are on the oily side, go for gel-based foaming cleansers. If your skin is on the dry side, choose creamy cleansers.

Use lukewarm water when washing the face. Too hot, and you might end up with more redness and you will strip your skin of natural oils. Too cold, and you might add more to your skin's redness.

Be kind to your skin. Gently pat your skin dry and avoid vigorous rubbing to prevent irritation.

Exfoliate gently

And we do not mean, over doing it! Let go of the harsh brushes that make your skin more sensitive. You can limit exfoliation to once or twice per week.

Ditch the facial scrubs with apricot pits too! It makes micro-tears in your skin and doesn’t even polish your skin evenly.

Check out ultrasonic facial for a gentler exfoliation or get a microdermabrasion device with a Fine Diamond Tip instead.

You might wonder why we recommend microdermabrasion. Relax. Our Fine Diamond Tip is designed for people with sensitive skin. The diamond particles we used in this tip is finer, allowing for safe abrasion.

Fine diamond Tip

Don’t believe us? We extended our money back guarantee from 30 to 60 days! Yes, that is right, 60 days. We are confident that our microdermabrasion tools with Fine Diamond Tip are safe to use even for people with the most sensitive skin!

Feed your skin with a good-quality serum

You should know better whether your skin needs a little more hydration or if you need Vitamin C serums to give you a brighter complexion. Invest in serums rich in hyaluronic acid to give you a more youthful look or get those with niacinamide to control redness. Think about what your skin really needs and you are good to go.

Just keep it simple and do not overthink!

argan serum

Moisturize daily

There is no excuse to this golden rule of skincare! No matter if you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin, you have to moisturize! Choose products that aren’t comedogenic, meaning those that won’t clog your pores.

If you are on the oily side, go for water or gel-based moisturizers. You can even use an aloe vera leaf to moisturize and balance your skin. If you have dry skin, go for creamy moisturizers.

You need to hydrate your skin to keep it looking great all the time.


Block the sun

Forget everything else, except this! Wear a wide-brimmed hat, wear long-sleeves, or if you want to enjoy the sun, for goodness sake, do put on sun protection! Even on cloudy days, the UV rays are still out to get us.

Make it a habit of wearing sunscreen. Do not rely on SPF protection from your makeup, it is not enough. Just like moisturizers, go for non-comedogenic sunscreens. Aside from preventing sunburns, it prevents premature skin aging. (1)

That’s really all that you need in a simple skincare routine. Depending on your preference, you may add more to these. You may also opt for red light therapy benefits to diminish age spots and fine lines.

You can use a clay mask once a week if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, you may prefer a hydrating sheet mask. As long as you are not doing anything overboard, then you are good to go.

Basic skin care is not rocket science. It's actually rather easy once you understand it.

Updated May, 2020

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