How to Look Good Without Makeup Naturally

How to Look Good Without Makeup Naturally

Makeup is a woman's best friend. It exists to brighten your day, boost your ego, and make you feel confident on days when you would otherwise choose to hide inside far from sight.

Makeup has the ability to make your skin look better. It can hide blemishes, acne and visually lift your skin without undergoing any surgery.

Makeup can give you the power to look like a celebrity.

Depending on how good your makeup skills are, you can look like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Cleopatra or whoever you want to be.

With millions of videos and tutorials on how to perfect and make you look like an airbrushed top model, it is definitely a woman’s not-so-secret super power.

But then, many people also contradict that makeup just cover up the imperfections deep under the layers of cosmetics.

Without makeup, most women feel naked and vulnerable.

With all the calling to get real and be confidently beautiful, how can women look good without makeup naturally? Do we really have to succumb and play slaves to the hottest trend in makeup and the cosmetic world? Or is there a way to make us feel better without having to apply layer upon layer of maquillages?

There are also instances wherein you have to go bare-faced. Who swims with a full-on makeup, complete with winged-tip liners and contours? There are those who also apply makeup when going to the gym or going hiking (“Oh, hello clogged pores!”).

Let’s face it, you can’t wear makeup all the time.

So instead of devising ways to sneak a hint of makeup on your skin, why not improve the quality of your skin and figure out other ways to make you look prettier sans the makeup? We have come up with a list of tips from the experts and beauty gurus to achieve how to look good naturally without makeup.

Exfoliate your skin

Do you ever wonder why your skin looks tired, old and lacks the glow it used to have?

It might be lodged with dead skin cells that just waits to be buffed away. If you haven’t been using a facial scrub, now is the time to incorporate this into your weekly skin care routine.

You may exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

Beauty experts advise that you avoid scrubs with walnut shell powder because it causes microscopic tears in the skin that paves the way for acne-causing bacteria to penetrate the skin.

Go for gentler scrubs that can cleanse not just the top layer of the skin, but can penetrate the pores for an efficient cleansing.

Microdermabrasion is also a great way to exfoliate your skin. We recommend our 4 devices namely UltradermMD, MicrodermMD, RejuvadermMD and MiniMD.

These FDA-cleared devices use diamond-embedded tips that are a safe way to lightly abrade the skin to remove dead skin.

The mechanical abrasion lifts dead skin cells, impurities, gunk and oil and the suction machine vacuums all these to be collected in a wool filter.

Aside from lifting dead skin, microdermabrasion also helps flatten acne scars, improve hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and get rid of dark spots and discolorations.

It supports collagen production and improves circulation on the skin being treated.

Although the price might seem high for an average Jane (or Joe), if you have been having professional microdermabrasion, you would understand how much you are actually saving.

This is the best investment you can have for your skin.

No more setting of appointments in medical spas, you do not have to be stuck in traffic getting there, all you need is just 5 minutes and you can buff away all the dead skin that made your skin look dull and lifeless, at the comforts of your personal space or home.

Aside from the unlimited access to your very own at home microdermabrasion, the best thing about owning this machine is that it makes your other skin care products work better.

Admit it, we like to splurge on expensive, high-quality serums and moisturizers to keep our skin in tip top shape.

The great thing about microdermabrasion is that we are sure that our skin care products get into the skin layers that needs it most, not just sitting on the top dead layers that eventually shed off.

So, we are making the most out of the products that we invest in.

With continued use, microdermabrasion will improve the skin texture. You will notice that your makeup will sit on better and with all honesty, you will find that you like wearing less and less makeup in time.

This has been a common comment of microdermabrasion users, hopefully, you will experience this too.

Avoid looking like a wilted flower by moisturizing daily

After exfoliation or microdermabrasion, it is important to moisturize your skin to avoid it getting flaky, dry, and feel rough. After removing the dead layers of the skin, the new layers need to be pampered and adequately cared for.

Do not skimp applying moisturizers.

Have you noticed plants that are adequately hydrated compared to plants left to wither? In a way, that is what is happening to our skin too. If we do not put the moisture back in our skin, we will look like a withering plant.

Several factors affect the moisture level in our skin such as weather, hormones, and skin care products that we use.

You need to replenish the moisture that is lost after washing your face using a facial wash or worse, soap (that leave your skin feeling dry and tight).

A skin that is adequately moisturized look healthier and it reflects light better, making you look like you are glowing. It is also a misconception that people with oily skin do not need to apply moisturizer. Oil is different with moisture.

If you have oily skin, go for products that are water-based or gel-based. These are usually non-comedogenic or it will not block the pores so you do not have to worry about having breakouts.

Remember, if your skin is dry, your system will overcompensate and produce more oil and sebum that can worsen your skin condition.

It might lead to more breakouts and more possibility of having acne scars. Make it a habit of applying a good-quality moisturizer after cleansing your face.

Use serums for topical nutrient boost

Serums are equivalent to energy skin shots that deliver nutrients directly to the skin. It contains high concentrations of skin-boosting ingredients that help improve the skin and give it the pampering it deserves.

There are many high-quality serums available in the market but one we like the most is our very own Argan Stem Cell Serum. This lightweight serum is invigorated with Argan stem cells known to reverse signs of aging and kindle the skin’s natural repair processes. It also contains hyaluronic acid that provides an ultra-moisturizing effect to plump the skin.

Aside from these, it also contains antioxidants such as algae extract, mugwort extract, and green tea extract. These ingredients penetrate the skin layers to restore, protect and rejuvenate the skin.

With continued use, Argan Stem Cell Serum can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and lessen age spots.

It can protect and nourish the skin, increase skin firmness, tighten and refine pores, support collagen & elastin production and repair sun damage.

This small bottle is indeed a miracle worker and a modern day fountain of youth in a bottle. Use it after doing microdermabrasion to help nourish the newly surfaced skin.

Eat healthy to look healthY

People say “you are what you eat”? If you have been digging on fries, chips, and extra-large pizza with extra cheese and extra everything, don't expect to be overall healthy.

Have you noticed that when you are about to have or you currently have your monthly period that your skin looks awful?

Not just from the crappy hormones that cause chaos in our system but also from the weird food cravings that we are into as of the moment. Also, it is not just during menstruation but also when we are stressed or depressed.

Who gets comforted with a bowl of green salad with vinaigrette? A normal person would go for a tub of ice cream, chocolates, fries and chips and eat their heart out!

But then again, aside from the added inches to our waistline and cardiovascular diseases that we are helping to develop, emotional eating takes a toll on our skin too.

Eating junk food is a sure way to make our skin look tired and old. The tendency is, we try to cover up our bad skin with makeup to give it more color and vibrancy instead of taking vitamins and minerals that naturally give us a better complexion.

Although it is hard, we should strive to give healthy eating a chance. It does not have to be overboard, 360 degrees overhaul.

Maybe adding a healthier snack, like yogurt and fruit instead of ice cream will do the trick. Also, you can add more color to your plate.

Get some yellows and oranges, like squash, carrots, mangoes, oranges and banana. These are rich in vitamins and minerals and are great for the eyesight and the skin.

Add some reds too like tomatoes, cranberries, cherries, and apples to help fight cancer and boost your immune system.

And do not forget the greens. Green, leafy veggies are packed with nutrients to help your body regenerate cells and fight off diseases. Broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, kale and spinach are great examples of healthy food we can add to our daily diet.

Check out this 12 easy green, red, and orange juicing recipes you can easily whip to start overhauling your diet.

Like I said, it does not have to be a drastic change because that won’t be sustainable.

It is okay to give in to food cravings as long as you eat in moderation.

Do not forego healthy food and try to get yourself more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Take supplements to add the essential nutrients you might have missed from your diet

Vitamins and minerals that we have in our body are depleted because we rarely get the chance to bank on them through food. In reality, people do not have the time to prepare healthy food all the time.

In most cases, we even skip breakfast so we can go to work. In our offices, we will just have a cup of coffee or two, maybe three to keep our blood pumping and get on to the tasks that we have. Most microwave-ready foods are also unhealthy so we cannot depend on them for our nutritional needs.

That is why supplements are invented so we can have the nutrients that we need in a form of a pill.

Our skin has specific nutritional requirements. To have a beautiful and glowing skin, we need to take Vitamins C and E.

Taking supplements such as phytoceramide help people with very dry skin. It helps the skin retain moisture that will help your skin look younger and healthier.

If you need an anti-aging booster, go for supplements rich with collagen. The loss of collagen paves the way for wrinkles and saggy skin.

Even cellulite's appear because of the loss of collagen.

There are many collagen supplements for sale in the market nowadays. There are some products you can add to your drinks or smoothies and won’t affect the taste of your favorite drink. Vitamin C will also boost collagen production so it is a good idea to add this to your diet too.

If you need any help, you can always consult your doctor or nutritionist to get the best advice regarding supplements.


Just like tip number two, it is important to drink water and keep the body well hydrated. Models and beauty gurus recommend that you should drink plenty of water to keep your skin glowing and fresh and to prevent it from looking dull and old.

It is important to replenish the water lost in our body to help our skin stay soft and supple. Our body uses water to help regulate our body’s temperature and carry out other bodily functions. Our body needs water to help flush out toxins that can contribute to numerous health problems. We lose water through breathing, sweating, urination and digestion so it is important to rehydrate and replenish the water that we have used.

Water not only quenches our thirst but also makes sure that our body is functioning at its optimum level. How would you feel if you are as dry as a bone? Your lips would be cracking and bleeding because of the loss of moisture. Drinking plenty of water helps prevent dehydration.

Water also helps your body remove wastes by urination. If your urine is dark, that probably means you need more water intake and if it is clear, then you are in good shape.

Drinking plenty of water also helps prevent constipation. It helps your digestive system work more smoothly and removes bodily wastes efficiently. Water also helps cushion your joints and spine.

Most people prefer to drink carbonated drinks or sugar-packed artificial juices. Although it still contains water, it also contains other ingredients that may not be healthy for us.

These seemingly healthy drinks contain sugars that hide behind the flashy advertisements and branding that sneaks extra calories to our diet. Not only does it spike up our blood sugar, it also contributes to the production of breakouts! Be a wise shopper and check the label for the hidden calories in your favorite drink.

Groom your eyebrows to draw attention to your eyes

From Brooke Shields to Cara Delevigne, these eyebrows goddesses are indeed lucky to have thick and fleek eyebrows.

There is just something in well-groomed eyebrows that instantly add points to looking good naturally, even without makeup.

But there is a fine line in looking good in thick brows and looking like a uni-browed caveman.

You need to pluck away the stray hairs and groom your eyebrows regularly to keep it looking great all the time.

By doing so, you are framing your eyes and accentuating your facial features without the need of having to put layers upon layers of makeup.

There are several ways to achieve well-groomed eyebrows. If you have no experience in shaping your own eyebrows, it is better to go to a professional first before you pick up those tweezers and leave the matter to your own hands.

You may ask a professional how you can keep your brows on fleek after they expertly shaped your face-framers.


Just like waxing any part of the body, there are several products available in the market that you can use to wax your eyebrows.

Again, if this is something you haven’t done before, better leave it to the professional. You may do this yourself, or you can ask your girlfriends to do it for you.

A reminder, the goal is to wax the stray hairs, not to wax your entire eyebrows!


A skilled professional makes this process look like a breeze, using interwoven or intertwined threads in removing stray and unwanted hairs.

You can do it yourself too! Just be careful!

Plucking and Trimming

Those who like to take matters into their own hands can invest in their very own tweezers, small scissors, and eyebrow brush.

Again, the goal is to shape and remove stray hairs, not harvest and clear a field!

Here is a video tutorial on how to get those eyebrows on fleek!


Those who can’t stand the pain of uprooting hair can invest in their very own eyebrow shaver. This tool is very handy and can groom your brows in under a minute, less the tears and pain. Of course, you have to be careful not to cut yourself and cut too much of the hairs out.

The only downside of this method is that the hairs grow back quicker compared if you have removed it from the roots.

Again, visit a professional first and ask their advice on how you can maintain your eyebrows well-groomed before shaping it yourself.

Removing even one line of hair will change the way you look so be careful.

But what about those who have very fine hair and barely-there brows? You can dab a spoolie brush in Castor oil to make the hairs grow thicker and fuller.

Indulge in nutrient-packed Face Masks

Face masks let your skin absorb all the nutrients, moisturizers, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the skin.

Letting your skin soak up the mask let you absorb all the goodness that is found in the ingredients and help you achieve a glowy and youthful look.

Depending on the kind of mask you use, some masks are designed to pull out impurities, hydrate your skin, or infuse your skin with mega doses of feel-good nutrients.

There are numerous face masks available in the market. You can also make your very own DIY face mask.

One blogger decided to use different facial masks in 7 days and her results are astonishing! Read about what she did here.

Make those lashes longer and fuller without mascara

Mascara is a girl’s best friend when it comes to making the lashes longer and fuller. With unlimited variations that can give us curled, longer, extra volume lashes, what will a girl do without mascara?

Having a longer and fuller set of lashes will make our eyes look more alluring and draw more attention to the windows of our souls.

Instead of splurging on eyelash serums that promise to lengthen and strengthen the lashes for a cost, invest in castor oil instead and help your lashes grow healthier and thicker, for a fraction of the cost. It may take at least 6 weeks to notice a visible result but hey, that’s better than doing nothing at all.

You may also take an eyebrow brush and dab it in Vaseline to help the lashes look thicker. You may also want to curl your lashes. Any eyelash curler will help do the trick. By curling the lashes, you are opening the eyes, instantly making your face brighter compared to droopy, tired-looking lashes.

Take care of your locks

Our hair is our crowning glory. A simple part to the side will change the way we look and feel about ourselves.

There are many things you can do to your hair. Curl it, color it, trim it, iron it straight, put on a bow, put on a headband, lock it in braids, do a fishtail…name it! Even men are into doing a man-bun nowadays.

There are many fun ways you can do to your crowning glory so it is just right that you take good care of it.

Finding the correct hair products will definitely help nourish your hair. Go for shampoos and conditioners infused with vitamins and minerals to help your hair look healthy.

Also, do not use harsh products on your hair regularly. If you must use a curling iron, do not forget to treat the damage heat may cause along the way.

Also, wash off hair gels, hair sprays, and styling mousse before hitting the sack. These products might contribute to waking up with a brand new zit.

Also, it is advisable that you find your very own hairdresser who will be honest and give you ideas on what looks good on you and what styles you ought to try.

Do not be afraid to experiment. If you think you can rock a pixie cut, you go girl!

Wear your Dress: Don’t let your dress wear you

Dressing up is another way to look good without makeup. Those who have a keen fashion sense are more pleasing to the eyes and look more pleasant. You do not have to be on top of the latest fashion trends or buy popular yet pricey labels.

All you need is to wear something that suits your body frame and personal sense of style.

A simple crisp white shirt and blue denim flatter anyone. Make sure that you are wearing your own size. Avoid going a size or two smaller just so you can fit a generally acceptable clothing number. Do not let anyone dictate the size that you wear. Also, avoid wearing baggy and ill-fitting clothes because it will make you look bigger than you actually are.

Embrace your size and be comfortable in your own skin.

Also, maybe it is time to let go of your favorite high school jersey and go experiment. Create your own style by mixing and matching different styles. Make a statement by wearing what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. You do not want to lose your sense of self by wearing outfits that don't even define you.

And more importantly, you do not want to compromise your own comfort in the name of fashion! What’s the point of wearing constricting outfits that leave you out of breath? The bottom line is, wear your clothes and don’t let the label, price tag, or who's wearing what have a say in your own fashion statement.

Use A Beauty Cream

Beauty Balm or simply, BB creams, are big in the Asian skin care Industry and for good reason too. Although it is considered a makeup, this multi-functional product is intended to replace your moisturizer, serum, and foundation. Instead of layering and putting a lot of products on your face, this cream is an all in one solution that not only let your skin breathe but also gives you half the time to cover up and nourish your skin.

Depending on the type of BB cream and their manufacturer, some BB creams are formulated to act as a highlighter, a moisturizer, a makeup primer, foundation, and concealer. Most BB creams also have SPF, anti-aging, and anti-oxidants. Some add color or tint while some are colorless. Some would even say they act like tinted moisturizers.

Although people might argue that BB creams are still a form of makeup, it definitely will not require you to spend so much time to color correct or let it set or develop like most makeup’s do.

It is simply like applying a moisturizer and that’s it.

There are many brands to choose from and there are definitely different formulations available in the market.

You can go for brands that offer good coverage, has SPF, or offers good oil control. Try some products and look for brands that suit your skin type.

A brighter smile will brighten your face too

Taking good care of your teeth is very important. Smiling is the most inexpensive way to brighten your face. A simple smile will add bonus points to your beauty scorecard. Having a good set of teeth will add points to your self-esteem too. It is easy to keep up with good dental hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth at least twice daily. Brush all the teeth’s surface, your buccal cheeks, and your tongue too. Use a toothpaste with calcium and fluoride to help strengthen your teeth.

It is also advisable to replace your toothbrush at least every 3 months to prevent germ buildup in the toothbrush. Also, if you have the flu, it is advisable to change your toothbrush too to prevent the spread of infection. Use a dental floss to remove food particles that are stuck in between teeth. It is also a good way to prevent plaque buildup. Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash will also make sure to kill the bacteria that brushing alone can’t reach to.

Visit your dentist at least twice a year.

You may also use baking soda to make those teeth pearly white. Make a paste by combining a few teaspoons of baking soda and lemon juice. Wipe your teeth to remove extra moisture and saliva. Using a toothbrush, dab some paste onto your teeth and leave on for a minute or so. Rinse afterward. You may also use water instead of lemon juice.

Keep your lips kissable

You do not have to wear lipsticks to make your lips look appealing. Keeping your lips healthy will add plus points to your beauty sans the help of lipsticks. Some lip products leave your lips dry, chapped and damaged. Going au naturale will give you the break you need from lipsticks and let your lips heal beautifully.

You do not want to have dry, cracked lips because not only is it unattractive, it looks unhealthy too. Drinking plenty of water will keep your lips well hydrated. It helps if you exfoliate and nourish it too. Exfoliate your lips to keep it smooth and kissable.

You can use an old toothbrush and carefully brush off the dead skin cells. You may use olive oil to do so and moisturize it at the same time.

You may also make your own sugar scrub. Mix a teaspoon of brown sugar with ample amount of olive oil to make a paste.

You can scrub your lips using the mixture with your fingers or an old toothbrush. Follow up with a good lip balm to seal in moisture and rehydrate the newly exposed mucosa.

You may also find a cool tip on how to get rid of chapped lips here.

Get rid of pimples

One of the reasons why we love makeup is because it can magically hide skin imperfections and make you look like a goddess in no time.

Having pimples and acne scars is a downer and confidence-zapper. That is why many women would never step out of their house without their faces perfectly painted.

There are a lot of makeup tutorials that teaches people how to hide pimples efficiently but is that really the only solution to having good skin? Is there a way to skip makeup and feel good and confident about the skin that you are in?

If you followed the previous steps about exfoliating, hydrating, taking supplements and eating healthy foods, chances are you already improved your general health.

You would have already flushed out the toxins from your body. However, since having pimples can be multifactorial, no one single treatment will work for everyone.

It is important to figure out what’s causing you to breakout so that you will know how to address it.

Acne usually starts during puberty in which our body is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes. It is during this time that most people experience having a lot of pimples or acne. Also, if you are in your adulthood stage and experiencing hormonal imbalance, you may break out too. You have to follow a skincare regimen to help control acne.

If you are experiencing hormonal imbalance, better check with your doctor if you can take a pill to control it.  

P. acnes bacteria is the number one cause of acne. It causes an infection deep down the pores that leads to inflammation, redness, and possible structure changes that are common with acne.

Some people resort to taking antibiotics to kill the bacteria but some develop resistance and just worsen the problem.

That is why people try different ways of handling acne. For some, tea tree oil may help dry out pimples. Others go for store-bought salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide facial washes designed for acne-prone skin.

There are some that prefer to do chemical peels to dry out and peel pimples away but most people can’t tolerate the sting chemical peels bring. Others might resort to using Accutane.

Trophy Skin also offers BlueMD Blue Light Acne Treatment. This LED lamp therapy uses the power of blue light to kill P. acnes bacteria that causes acne.

It utilizes the same wavelength of 405nm - 420nm blue light that dermatologists and aestheticians use in their clinics.

With just 5 minutes, once or twice a day, you will not need to resort to antibiotics or expensive acne medication that doesn’t work.

The blue light will safely and effectively dry out the pimples and will also lessen the oiliness of the skin.

This will be a game-changer on how you take care of your skin and prevent future breakouts.

Get the red out of your eyes

It is important to look vibrant, energetic, and fully awake to bring out your confidence and look instantly better. You won’t achieve that if you have dull, reddish and watery eyes. Having red eyes make you look tired because most likely, you really are. Chances are you lack sleep, you have allergies or experiencing eye strain.

To get the red out, it makes sense if you get plenty of rest.

Aim to sleep 5-8 hours a day. That will give your body enough time to recuperate. There are over-the-counter eye drops that help whiten the whites of your eyes. However, if you are getting plenty of rest but still get dull eyes, it may be a clue to something health-related.

Visit your doctor to check if you need more than a good night’s rest.

Get your blood to circulate to get naturally blushed cheeks

People who exercise get better complexion than those who do not. Cardio exercises help you burn those extra calories and sweat the toxins out of your body. With that, it helps pump up your blood and get it to circulate more efficiently. The result? You get rosier cheeks and you look more alert and energetic.

Detox is the way to go!

If you have been eating healthier, taking supplements, exercising, and drinking plenty of water, you will definitely feel healthier than the average Jane or Joe. Another way to looking better without the help of make-up is detoxing.

We need to flush out the toxins from our body to feel and look healthier.

Like we mentioned earlier, you are what you eat so it makes sense that you help your body consume healthier food options.

Juicing is one way of detoxing. There are many ways to achieve this and the ingredients are limitless. You can buy fruits and vegetables and make your own smoothie.

Check out this easy guide on getting started with juicing.

You can also infuse different fruits in water and consume this during the day. You can also buy wheatgrass to help you flush your digestive system. There are also store-bought juices that save you the time to prepare your own healthy drink. This is a good store to try out.

By going all natural, you are sure that you only consume healthy food and get vitamins naturally from healthy options.

You may also detox by sweating. You can go to a sauna or spa to achieve this. You may also buy your very own sauna tent if you want to do it at home. 

Smile and be happy

This is the easiest way to look prettier without the help of makeup.

Remember, honey attract more bees than vinegar.

You attract good vibes if you smile and keep a positive disposition in life. If you do not believe us, then ask yourself: Who would you approach? A person smiling pleasantly or a person who looks glum and grumpy?

Sunglasses make you look good too!

There is something in dark, big rimmed glasses that appeals to most people. Aside from the fact that it hides puffy eyes, it is a must-have accessory too. Aside from protecting our eyes from too much sunlight, it also adds mystery to our overall get up.

So, don’t be afraid to wear glasses to look cool and mysterious. Unless of course, it is not allowed to wear one (like during classes or meetings).

We are not saying that makeup is a bad thing. Makeup will always be a fun and artistic way to express ourselves and boost our confidence.

What we are saying is that we can also look good without it. If you feel better about yourself, you might not need to hide anything and be proud that you can look good naturally, without maquillages.

Be confident in your own skin and start loving yourself from within.

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