RejuvaliteMD LED Anti Aging Light Therapy Device

RejuvaliteMD LED Anti Aging Light Therapy Device from Trophy Skin benefits

Updated January, 2020.

LED treatment for anti-aging has been around for decades now, starting in the plastic surgeon and dermatologist offices and slowly moving to medical spas, then spas, and now finally into the home setting.

The treatment was originally developed by NASA to treat astronauts in space since they had no access to sunlight, gravity, or the elements on earth that prevent rapid aging. The technology has been well proven in numerous clinical studies to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and other signs of aging.

NOTE: Many LED anti-aging devices on the market are NOT cleared with the FDA. RejuvaliteMD is a 510(k) FDA class II cleared device, meaning its been proven to be safe and effective at treating wrinkles.

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RejuvaliteMD was designed by our team after taking a look at the numerous LED light therapy devices already on the market, mostly using red and infrared (IR) light to treat skincare and aging conditions.

Here are what we found when we purchased competitors devices:

    • Low power LEDs that really were not effective - basically like shining a flashlight on your skin, but not really making any improvements to the way your skin looks

    • Battery-powered devices that would lose charge quickly and were not powerful enough to reduce wrinkles or sun damage

    • Small treatment heads - too few LEDS, covering too small of an area to really be effective at anti aging

    • Handheld design - very difficult for the user to hold the device to their skin for 3-5 minutes or more, in EACH area they wish to reduce fine lines

    • Only red light, or infrared (IR) light, and the lack of choosing the most therapeutic wavelengths of light to truly improve the signs of aging

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So based on these observations of competing LED anti-aging light therapy machines, we decided that we were going to create a device that would solve all the problems or shortcomings of the competitors.

RejuvaliteMD is a full face wrinkle reduction device that uses 120 medical grade, high power LEDs and treats the entire face at once. There is no need to hold the device, its a hands free design that allows you to relax while you enjoy your anti aging treatment.

The product uses 4 different wavelengths of LED that range from Red, Infrared (IR), Yellow, and Amber, the same key wavelengths used in dermatologist offices and professional machines.

When making your decision for at-home light therapy devices for anti-aging, make sure to choose a product that is FDA 510k cleared, is proven to be safe and effective, and is powerful enough to really reduce wrinkles and age spots for good!


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