RejuvaliteMD LED Panel Explained

Trophy Skin red light therapy RejuvaliteMD LED Panel Explained

Updated April, 2021.


The RejuvaliteMD HIgh-Power Ageless LED Treatment is a home photo facial device that treats signs of aging with 4 different wavelengths of LED Lights. This allows the light therapy treatment to penetrate the skin surface to varying depths for maximum results.


The RejuvaliteMD uses LED Red Light Technology to help reduce the signs of aging, specifically the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, the face and neck, and the reduced appearance of sun damaged skin.


The 120 LED bulb panel is split evenly between four different colors in the red spectrum.

  • Red (660nm)
  • Yellow (590nm)
  • Amber (630nm)
  • Infrared (880nm)

Here is what is so great about using four different wavelengths. They penetrate the skin at different levels, helping to spur the creation of new collagen, elastin and fibroblasts! The renewed skin comes from the cellular level changes that light therapy brings.

red light panel

Looking at the RejuvaliteMD panel, you will see that there are an even distribution of Red, Yellow and Amber lights. You will also notice a number of lights that look to be not working. The "unlit" lights are the infrared bulbs and these wavelengths cannot be seen by the naked eye. They actually are "working" just like they are supposed to!

Did you know that the RejuvaliteMD is the 1st FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device for the HANDS FREE treatment of fine lines and wrinkles with red light therapy?


This is true!  RejuvaliteMD was formerly known as RedMD and when we received our certification we relaunched the device under the RejuvaliteMD name.  Now, who do you know that could use some hands-free meditation time while turning back the clock on the age of their skin?

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