New Year Resolution Ideas for A Better You

New Year Resolution Ideas for A Better You

The great thing about New Year’s is having the chance to turn over a new leaf. If you have had a rough 2016, the coming year is your chance to reinvent yourself.Whatever bad things, wrong choices, and negative habits you might have done the past year, now is your chance to start anew.

It is a new year. So let’s embrace positivity and attract good karma.

So here’s our take on how to love yourself more and discover a better version of you this 2017.

Lifestyle check

get into healthy lifestyle

Most people neglect a healthy lifestyle because we have that idea that we are invincible and no disease can ever get in our way. We fail to realize that without good health, we cannot truly feel good about ourselves.Quitting smoking, drinking in moderation and choosing to eat healthier food choices might be too unrealistic to achieve but if we start living a healthier lifestyle, we will see a positive change not just in our skin but our general well-being too.

Strong Eyebrow Game

shape your eyebrows

From Marlene Dietrich’s thin arches to Audrey Hepburn’s natural set of brows, to the present Cara Delevigne’s envy-worthy full set of arches. Brows have been a favorite feature of most people and it has definitely come a long way. It is a great feature to work on because it frames the face and it can set an impression to other people.

Notice how thin brows tend to give people the sense of a stricter persona. Most makeup artists would say that thicker brows make a person look younger. If you haven’t mastered having your eyebrows on fleek, this year should be a good starter for you.

Take Care of Your Locks

take care of your crowning glory, your hair

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory.

Whatever hairstyle, hair type, and hair length you have, you must take good care of your hair. Notice that if you are having a bad hair day that it affects how you interact with your surroundings. You tend to be crankier!

Avoid washing your hair too frequently to prevent stripping of essential oils that nourishes your locks (unless you live in a warmer climate that shampooing regularly is a must to prevent oil buildup!) Do not neglect to condition and make it a habit to include weekly hair masks too.

Be more vigilant in keeping those lines away!

keep fine lines and wrinkles away

Investing in a personal microdermabrasion machine will save you lots of money instead of having it done professionally. Read our Guide in Microdermabrasion machines here to help you decide which device best suits your lifestyle and budget. Aside from buffing away dead skin that dulls your complexion, it works great in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and crepey neck too.

Keep your friends and family guessing why you glow this way in 2017!

Have a Family-time away from Technology

get in touch with nature away from gadgets

Have you ever been away from your smartphone, laptop or television for a day? When’s the last time you have had an undivided attention and just spend time and have a conversation with your loved ones?

With the technology that surrounds us today, it is hard to be away from Social Media. This 2017, let us be more present and have a meaningful conversation with our family and friends. Communicating with your loved ones do great things for your own well-being. We might be missing out on what’s right in front of us because we are too preoccupied with what’s trending on Twitter.

Be Choosy on Skin Care Products

go organic

If you have no allergies to cosmetics, good for you. But for people who does, it is a constant battle choosing products that won’t wreak havoc on their skin. Carefully screening the ingredients of cosmetics will save you the hassle of having to address rashes, hives, and allergy-related skin issues. Be more environment-friendly too.

Hit the Gym and No Excuses!

enroll in a gym

January will probably be the busiest time of the year for most gyms because a lot of people are sticking to a new year’s resolution. But after a month or so, the population in gyms will start to decrease. And we think we know why. You do not need to slave daily in the gym.

You can go there once, twice, three times a week depending on how your time permits you to. Don’t quit. Aside from getting rid of the weight you gained (if any) from the holidays, think that you are doing this for the most important muscle in your body. And by that, we mean, your heart of course. Healthier heart, lengthier life.

Brighten Your Day by Basking on Healthy Red Light

rejuvalitemd anti aging red light therapy

Red Light Therapy is a great way to reverse sun damage and address aging skin problems. You can either do this in the morning or night, whichever you prefer. A 5-minute daily treatment is enough to give you your glow back while you relax and look forward to greeting the world!

Go Natural with Healthy Oils

oils are healthy

Coconut oil has been all the rage lately. It can be used in cooking, making hair grow healthier, moisturize skin and some even use it to cure pimples. Another oil to check out is Argan oil. This product from Morocco has been used a lot in the beauty industry due to its impeccable properties.

Bath-time Stress Relief

bath bombs to melt stress away

If you aren’t into long baths, make it at the top of your to-do-list this 2017. Invest in good quality mineral salts or bath bombs. You may also look for essential oil-infused products to help melt your stress away. Relax and let the mineral salt and warm water relieve you of your worries and be recharged.

Take Better Care of Your Skin

ultrasonic scrubber to get those deep-seated dirt

Another year means an addition to your age and with that, the realization that you cannot turn back the hands of time. Although it is true that time is unstoppable, we can delay time’s effect on our skin. If you have been eating right and drinking plenty of fluids, the next step should be easy for you.

You can invest in monthly or quarterly facials, depending on your needs or skin type. Getting a pros opinion on your skin will reward you in the long run. However, if money is an issue, there are other options.

You can whip up your own facial masks and do DIY facials at home. Investing in your own ultrasonic spatula will be good too as you can get the same treatment from spas. You can also invest in your very own at-home microdermabrasion machine so you can get more sessions for less. Leveling up your skincare game this year should be your top priority.

Sleep More

sleep more for a healthier you

Most people do not get a lot of sleep from working long hours or working double jobs. Some are battling with insomnia and some thinks sleeping is a waste of time. Whatever the reason is, catch up on some sleep. Not only do you need it to keep sane, but it is needed for your body to recuperate and repair itself. Lack of sleep will also result to dark circles around the eyes that for most women, will just call for a lot of makeup and foundation to cover up!

Hydrate Better

drink water to stay hydrated

Why do some people hate water? Is it because it is tasteless? Of course, it has to be. It is water! It is essential for people to survive. A person can survive for 3 weeks without eating any food but without water, a person can die within a week! And maybe lesser depending on the environment. So, drink water and be good to your cells. Your body needs it even if you think it doesn't.

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to start the year right. Whether or not you can stick to it, the most important thing is you take those baby steps to a better you this 2017. Happy New Year!

Updated May, 2020