Skin Care Tips for Men

skincare tips for men with trophy skin ultrasonic skin spatula

Updated May, 2021


Trophy Skin's spa-inspired machines are hugely popular and helpful for women. But what about the men? There isn't much focus on skin care for men out there. A bar of soap, a razor, maybe some aftershave and if he thinks about it, moisturizer.


Believe it or not we do have several male customers who love our tools as much as our female customers do.

It starts with a simple routine

We all have different skin and you need to understand that skincare doesn't have to be complicated. What we must do first is identify your skin type (so we know what sort of products to invest in), and figure out what our skin needs, and we are on our way to discovering our best skin.


For most men, we need to help them find the right facial wash, moisturizer, and convert them into wearing SPF daily. Again, it's not rocket science so here's a simple routine that the special men in our lives can start with:

Cleansing and moisturizing

Most men have oilier skin than women but again, it's not a one size fits all. Look for foaming cleansers that work well in dissolving oil and cut grease on your skin. If you have dry skin, look for hydrating ingredients usually in cream or milky formulas.

man washed his face with cleanser

Whatever your skin type, avoid cleansers that make your skin feel tight or stripped after washing. Our skin produce oil naturally to hydrate our skin and lock moisture in and if we use harsh cleansers that strip these natural oils, it will trick our body to produce more oils, leading to oilier skin. Or, if you have dry skin, using stripping cleansers will overly dry your skin out.


After cleansing, it is a must to use a moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, you must still incorporate this into your skincare routine. Look for gel-based moisturizers to help hydrate your skin after cleansing.


If you have normal to dry skin, creamier formulas are more suitable.

Increase your water intake

This may sound cliche but the truth is, we don't drink enough water! We need to increase our water intake to help keep our skin (and our body) in good condition. Instead of reaching for a bottle of beer or soda, aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water. It reduces our sugar intake (from the beer and soda) while improving our overall health.

Reduce sun exposure

We need to get our daily dose of Vitamin D but we also have to protect our skin from sun damage and premature skin aging. Apply SPF daily to prevent getting sunspots and apply sunscreens even on cloudy days. Using SPF of at least 30 should be a good start.

man with spf 30 on his face

Quit smoking

Another cliche tip, we know. But smokers have unhealthy skin compared to non-smokers. Cutting off this bad habit will not only make wonders for your skin but can also improve your general well being.

Exfoliate your skin

Dead skin can dull your complexion. We recommend exfoliating your skin 1-3 times per week. You may use a microdermabrasion device or an ultrasonic skin spatula. We understand, these may sound intimidating but we promise you, it's very easy to do!


For microdermabrasion, we have 4 different tools you can choose from: UltradermMD, MicrodermMD, RejuvadermMD, and MiniMD. Both UltradermMD and MicrodermMD comes with an LCD screen that makes it easy for users to follow the step by step guide. RejuvadermMD and MiniMD are handheld devices that makes microdermabrasion easy to perform any time, anywhere!


Here's a quick demo on how to use the MicrodermMD:

As for the Ultrasonic skin spatula, how does a guy fit this little gadget into their quick skincare routine? It's easy.


Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser and keep your skin moist with water or a facial mist or toner.

While wet, glide the spatula on the skin and notice all the gunk that comes out of your pores and top layer of dead skin collect on the metal spatula.

Wipe this off with a clean towel. Continue scraping your skin, especially the t-zone, to unclog pores.

Infuse your skincare serum or moisturizer after exfoliation.


Explore serums

Serums are highly potent skincare products that should be a part of any skincare routine. If moisturizers provide hydration for your skin, think of serums as food for your skin.


There are many serums available in the market that targets different skin issues such as dull skin, acne-prone skin, rosacea-prone skin, and those infused with anti-aging ingredients. So depending on what your skin needs, having a bottle of a good-quality serum is a must.


Our Argan Stem Cell Serum is infused with skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, argan stem cell, and copper tripeptide that helps reverse sun damage and reduce wrinkles. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients that makes it the perfect after-care serum. It can be used after microdermabrasion or after light therapy.


You can use the ultrasonic spatula to infuse this serum for improved skin absorption.

Manage Stress Levels

This tip is two-fold. Stress creates free-radicals in your system that damage your organs, especially your skin (since it is your largest and most visible organ and your first line of defense against diseases and infection.)


If your man already has wrinkles that he is stressing about, take a look at our RejuvaliteMD. It is the 1st FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device for full face wrinkle treatment for home use. During a hands-free LED red light treatment, listen to music or meditate for a great stress release while reversing the signs of aging and sun exposure.

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