Relax And Bring The Spa To You

Relax And Bring The Spa To You

Updated January, 2020

When your budget gets tight, yet you work hard and can't fit the time to treat yourself at the spa, it can be frustrating since you do deserve a rejuvenating facial to deep clean your skin professionally. The great news is, if you can't make it to the spa, make the spa come to you.

Here's how:

Carve out at least an hour or two to create your own pamper time. Start off by playing soft spa or classical music in the background. Dim the lights and light up a few candles. You can try pretty tea light candles to give the ambiance a more spa-like effect. Slip into a bathrobe and slippers and get ready for personal spa at home.

at home spa

Focus on your Feet

Prepare a basin with very warm water (not too hot) and soak your feet inside the basin to get warmed up. Apply a mixture of olive oil and sugar and scrub your feet in the basin for a skin-softening foot scrub. Let your exfoliated feet sit in the water for 3 minutes or so, then remove the scrub off of your feet with a warm, damp cloth. While your feet are being soaked, pick up a magazine or novel and sip some herbal tea and RELAX!

diy foot spa

Get Heavenly Hands

Massage your hands thoroughly and saturate them with a natural oil such as coconut oil, sesame oil or extra virgin olive oil. Your hands will become silky soft.

nourish hands with oils and moisturizers

Spoil the Scalp

With the same oil that you used on your hands, apply that to your scalp and massage for a good five minutes. This relaxing step will help circulate the blood, ease tension and nourish your scalp and hair. Did you know that regular scalp massages encourage hair growth at a quicker rate?

Invigorate & Soothe the Eyes

You know the old spa cliche- place fresh, sliced cucumbers over your eyes and lie on your back for 15 minutes. The cool sensation and hydrating properties of the cucumber will soothe and cool the eye area, aiding in de-puffing and perking up the eye area.

soothe tired eyes with cucumber

Treat Your Skin with a DIY Professional-Grade Facial

Lastly, treat your face to a full-fledged spa-grade facial- read our article on how to properly give yourself a DIY facial here.

at home facial

After the facial, take time to decompress by taking deep breaths while allowing essential oils to invigorate your olfactory senses. Try citrus, ylang-ylang or peppermint to wake you up and ease you back to reality.

Now you can bring the spa to you anytime, anywhere without breaking the bank.

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