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Is A Home Microdermabrasion Kit Worth The Money?

Is A Home Microdermabrasion Kit Worth The Money?

Posted on November 9, 2015


Let's turn back time for a minute: remember going to video stores such as Blockbuster to rent your favorite flick or to see a new release? Those were the good old days and those days were not too long ago! But did you rent your all-time favorite movie week after week?

It didn't make much sense to rent your favorite flick repeatedly and waste money when you could save yourself a lot more money in the long run by just purchasing the- dare I say it- VHS so you own it for life and never have to pay to rent it over and over ever again.

Worth the investment, right? The same thing goes for your skin. Perhaps you've had advanced skin care treatments before such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion. If you have then you're aware that those in-office treatments at a derm or spa is not chump change. Moreover, if you want true, lasting results, it is imperative to get a series of treatments, not just a one and done deal. The average cost to get a chemical peel at a spa is at least $90 per facial including a chemical peel, and some establishments charge even more.

For a microdermabrasion treatment, most venues and dermatologist offices charge around $120.

The reason why it's a pretty penny to get such a treatment is because it's actually worth it- the results you'd see in your skin would be noticeably smoother and younger-looking. But not everyone has the budget to fork out over a hundred bucks a pop each month to maintain their skin. 

Home Microderm In UseHome Microdermabrasion In UseUsing Home Microdermabrasion

That's where Trophy Skin comes in. They are what I like to call the superheroes of skin care. They swoop right in and save the day- or skin, rather. Thank goodness they created a microdermabrasion machine that delivers professional-grade results that you can use on your skin in the very comfort of your own home. Here's the best part: they offer 3 different options of microdermabrasion systems to choose from: a full fledge system, a hand-held version of the main system that you can travel with, and an even smaller version that is convenient to use anytime, anywhere. 


As you can see, the price ranges from a low cost of $99 through $299 for the full fledge system.

Let's do the math: a $120 treatment at the spa each month versus having your own microderm device for a flat fee of the same price or a little more, and you have it for life. 

It's a no-brainer! 

Check out all 3 systems, to see which one is best for you.


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