6 Skincare Tips for Better Looking Skin Almost Instantly

6 Skincare Tips for Better Looking Skin Almost Instantly

Posted on February 22, 2016

Are you tired of getting the same skin problems over and over again? Let’s say after getting rid of pesky blackheads with masks or a facial session, new ones come popping back again after a day or two. It’s like, we feel the need to pick it just so we can keep our faces bump-free. But then, sometimes it gets infected and voila, welcome new zit. When will it ever stop? What are we doing wrong? Here are some tips that could change the way you take care of your skin.  

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  1. It is important to wash away the grime, dirt, and make up that accumulated within the day. Wash your face, day and night with a facial cleanser. If you have dry skin, go for cream-based facial wash. If you have oily skin, stick to gel-based products. Often times, we just use bar soaps to wash our face. That is a no-no. Bar soaps contain vegetable or coconut oil as a base and that’s basically why you end up having clogged pores. It is formulated to wash your body, not your face. You are stripping away too much nutrients from your facial skin leaving it tight, dry, and coarse. Save your facial skin and invest in good quality facial washes.
  2. You do not need to wash your face more than twice a day. Over washing strips your skin’s essential nutrients and moisture. The tendency is you get dry skin with over washing, then your system will go overdrive and produce more oil than necessary to compensate the dryness. The result? Glimmering, shiny, oily skin that is prone to blackheads, pimples, and acne.
  3. It is important to replenish the moisture you have stripped with washing. Use a good quality serum or moisturizer after every wash. Gel-type or water-based moisturizers are good for oily skin. If you have dry skin, go for cream-based products. People think that if they have oily skin, that they do not need to moisturize. Oily skin doesn’t mean moisturized skin and moisturized skin doesn’t mean oily skin. Well hydrated skin gives you a younger-looking and healthy skin that glows from within.
  4. Most people love make-up. If used correctly, it is a powerful tool. Some use it to cover up blemishes and correct skin imperfections. Some institutions make it a part of their dress code. But then, with all the good things make-up can bring, so is clogged pores. It is important to wash your face and strip off all the make up before hitting the sack. Otherwise, say hello to new zits in the morning. That goes the same thing with going to a gym with make-up on. Just, don’t wear make-up if you plan to sweat it all out. Clogged pores aren’t worth it. 
  5. Don’t give up too soon. Most of us like to try on products but after a few days, we give up and switch to the next without really giving the other product a chance to work its magic. It is tough to figure out what’s best out there especially because we have different skin types. What may be doing magic to your best friend might be wreaking havoc on yours. The struggle is real. We know. That’s why Trophy Skin is dedicated to providing at-home and cost effective solutions to different skin problems. Our Customer Support and Chat Representatives are online 24/7 and is available to help you choose the best treatment for your skin type.
  6. Don’t get tired of taking care of your skin. No one else will do it for you.

These tips help prevent clogged pores and developing blackheads and whiteheads. We know that pimples and acne may start with a simple bump along with bacteria. Using at-home tools like BlueMD and MicrodermMD helps keep skin clear too. Incorporate these skincare tips to your daily skincare regimen and work your way to having great skin all year round.




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