Summer’s Skin Care Protection

Summer’s Skin Care Protection

Updated August, 2021


Summer is the best season of the year. Warmest between early July and early September, it is a period of outdoor activities. It is the best time to swim, go on a road trip, walk on the shore and most of all have a bronzed skin.


As much fun it is to spend under the sun, too much sun exposure can cause damaged skin. This may cause premature skin aging, development of age spots, or worse, skin cancer.


Avoiding outdoor activities is a buzzkill so instead of staying indoors and missing all the fun, here are some tips you can incorporate in your lifestyle to enjoy summer safely.

skincare protection in summer

Protect your skin during summer!

Here are simple tips you can do for your skin.

drink water

During summer, drinking a lot of water is needed because of excessive sweating due to hot weather.


Drinking twelve to fourteen glasses a day not only keeps your body hydrated but it also helps in removing toxins.


You may also opt for fruit juices or electrolyte drinks but if you want to avoid the extra calories, it is better to stick to good old water.

eat healthy

There’s an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables during summer. This is the best time to visit your local market.


Common summer fruits include mango, watermelon, banana, coconut, pineapple, and lots of green leafy vegetables as well as fresh fragrant herbs.


Aside from the vitamins and minerals you may get, these are also great thirst quenchers.

apply sunscreen

Premature skin aging results from too much sun exposure. Protect your skin from the dangerous sun rays (UV).


Religiously apply sunscreen to face and body. Look for a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin.


You may also want to reapply sunscreen throughout the day to make sure your skin is protected.

moisturize your skin

Your skin will be prone to get parched and dry because of the intense heat during summer. To prevent this, apply moisturizer after washing your face.


Moisturizer helps calm your skin and prevent it from producing too much oil. It also helps diminish the formation of premature skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.


You may also do microdermabrasion to enhance the absorption of your skincare products. MicrodermMD, RejuvadermMD, UltradermMD, and MiniMD from Trophy Skin are great devices to choose from.

apply argan serum

Serums are concentrated with nutrients and active ingredients. It is different from moisturizers in the sense that serums are like food to the skin while moisturizers are water for the skin.


Serums are made of potent ingredients that give you what your skin needs. It may have anti-acne properties, anti-aging, or those that curb redness.


Argan Stem Cell Serum has anti-inflammatory properties that makes it the best serum to use after doing microdermabrasion or light therapy.

dress to protect

Dress lightweight, cotton cover-ups, use caps, hats, and sunglasses. Protective clothing will act as a shield from the harsh sun rays.

So there you go! Enjoy summer with these simple skincare protection program and make memories with the people you love!

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