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5 Things I Wish I Have Done Differently for My Skin

5 Things I Wish I Have Done Differently for My Skin

Posted on June 1, 2016

Life may make us busy to notice the little things that change every day until you get a breather and look yourself in the mirror and see the lines that weren’t there before. Some people do not take care of their skin because they do not see the need to do so until the day they start seeing skin problems occur.

When you are in your late 20’s or early 30’s yet you feel you’ve aged so much, don’t you wish you can reverse the clock and prevent those fine lines and signs of premature aging? We are all for aging beautifully but when you see wrinkles and age spots early on, don’t you just want to cry? Despite having endless options and anti-aging products available in the market, sometimes, you can’t just help but think “Where did I go wrong?”


Here are the things that sadly, our younger selves have neglected:

5. Sunscreen

Our younger selves would not have understood the importance of using sunscreen on a daily basis. We thought that sunscreen is only needed if we will spend time under the sun. We need to apply sunscreen daily, even on overcast days. Sunscreens block harmful rays from the sun that causes premature aging. Even if you do not see obvious signs of damage, your skin undergoes physiologic changes that are difficult to reverse. Watch this video to see evidence of sun damage.  

4. Water

Some people are not keen on drinking plenty of water. Most preferred sodas or sugar-infused drinks rather than plain, tasteless and boring water. 50-65% of our body is made up of water and we need to replenish this to maintain bodily processes. Proper hydration not only aids in nutrient absorption but it also makes our skin well hydrated and glows from within.

3. Proper Nutrition

Girl Eating Junk Food

Eating fruits and veggies may not be as fun as digging on fries and other comfort foods (that is commonly jam-packed of unwanted calories, fats, and sugar) but knowing the benefits will definitely make you think twice. Fruits and vegetables are known as “Glow Food” because they are packed with nutrients that make our skin glow. Not only that, they also boost our immune system so we can fight common diseases. “Grow Food” includes meats and proteins and we should also incorporate this in our diet so we can repair tissues and muscles. “Go Food” are those rich in carbohydrates that give us the energy to complete our activities of daily living. We need to remember that we have to eat in moderation and that we should strive to have a balanced diet.

2. Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol consumption and smoking makes our skin look tired and old. Those who smoke tend to see signs of aging earlier than those who do not.

1. Neglecting Proper Skin Care

Again, we need to use sunscreen because the sun can cause premature aging. We need to moisturize daily to keep our skin well hydrated. We also need to exfoliate a few times a week because if skin becomes dry, it gives off the look of tired and aged skin.


There are numerous skin care products out there that could help you keep your skin in tip-top shape. You just need to figure out which is best for you because what could work for your friend may not work as well on you. Remember, we have different skin type and skin issues, you just need to find that gem that can help you reveal your trophy skin. 




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