Best TikTok Haircuts 2020 - Coronacuts

corona tiktok haircut fail

TikTok is all the rage in 2020. The social network is the newest and hottest thing to hit social media and to be fair; is highly addicting. Users spend hours without even realizing it consuming short videos called, “TikToks” in which other users of the platform have compiled funny and often times choreographed dance moves.


We’ll be the first to admit it, TikTok has been kinda needed during the whole Covid 19 event. Families, couples, and people of all ages are spending hours recording, reciting, and editing all types of hilarious videos that help us to pass the time.

Coronacuts - The Corona Haircut Issues

One of our favorite hashtags to follow on TikTok right now is #Coronacuts. This is a hashtag for “At home haircuts” and “hair-dos” since the Corona virus has most of us the world still locked up at home. But at home hair cuts don’t always go as planned. Here are our top 5 favorite Tik Toks for #coronacuts:


Decided to get in on this corona hair cut trend. Plot twist the kids cut my hair this time! ##coronacut ##coronacuts ##fyp

♬ original sound - dunnfamilyfun

When homeboy around the block says he can cut you up for half the price... ##coronacuts

♬ Deep End Freestyle - Sleepy Hallow & Fousheé

When your girl wants to practice her barber skills on you during corona ##coronacuts ##corona2020

♬ Make No Sense - YoungBoy Never Broke Again