Best TikTok Nail Fails

Best TikTok Nail Fails

What do you do when Covid 19 hits and you’re forced to stay at home for several months? Well, first you lose your mind. Then, you start drinking too much. And at some point you realize you badly need to do your nails. This is where Tiktok nail fails comes in.


TikTok nail fails can happen to any one of us. After all nails take time, patience, creativity, and a steady hand. After a few glasses of wine doing our own nails seems like a great idea. Especially when there are so many nail tutorial videos on Youtube to make it look easy.


Shhhhhh, the truth is those girls on Youtube must have spent years learning to do those amazing designs. Fact is, we can’t do our nails anything like they do. That is why we’ve put together our top 5 favorite TikTok nail fails so that you don’t feel as bad when you butcher your own look.


Picked up my sister in law from nail tech and this is how it went lmfao. ##itoldhertostayhome##nailfail##fyp ##whatarethose

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