Eye Protection When Using Light Therapy (LED or Fluorescent)

protect eyes when using light therapy

Updated January, 2020

Using eye protection during light therapy treatments is extremely important for your long term eye health, for many different reasons. Most device manufacturers of light therapy devices, for acne or skin rejuvenation, have realized they must eliminate harmful UV light from their products.

We have had our independent facility test a number of competing devices in the light therapy field, and most of these companies are true to their word.

However, the light produced by light therapy devices can be harmful to your eyes even outside of the UV spectrum. The light is generally extremely bright and high intensity, and over time this degrades the macro sensors in the eyes.

The best possible type of eye protection are blackout goggles, ones that let absolutely no light in. This can be very inconvenient, however, for the average user. The next best solution, and the one we use here at Trophy Skin, is to use FDA approved UV protection goggles.

These block any and all harmful UV rays, plus provide enough dimming that the blue light is not intense enough to cause eye damage. We also highly recommend that users keep their eyes closed during treatments whenever possible.