Taking Care of Dry Skin

Taking Care of Dry Skin

Updated April, 2021

Sometimes we just have dry hands or dry lips, but it seems like in the brisk and windy months of winter, we have several trouble spots.

This blog post is going to show you how at home microdermabrasion can keep your skin soft and hydrated even under the harshest weather conditions.

Our microdermabrasion machines can help you minimize:

  • Chapped Lips
  • Rough Hands
  • Dry, Cracked Feet
  • Prickly dry face
  • Flaky arms and legs

Before you start treating any area:

  1. Make sure that the skin is clean and dry. Make sure that there are no lotions or fragrances on your skin.
  2. Check your machine to be sure you have a clean filter in place and that the diamond tip is securely in place.
  3. When treating dry skin, you may notice more skin cells and debris coming off than a normal facial treatment. Make sure you change filters often! Sometimes I have to change the filter when I finish the top of just one hand. Failure to change the filter can cause problems with your machine working properly because of debris getting caught in the motor.

Chapped Lips

Microdermabrasion for chapped lipsThis tip comes from our very own Customer Care Rep, Sunni! You can use the Precision Tip with your RejuvadermMD or MicrodermMD on a low setting to gently exfoliate your lips. Apply a rich lip balm or butter to seal those silky, soft lips! Try our Collagen Lip Infusion Serum! 

Rough Hands

MicrodermMD for rough dry handsUsing our standard diamond tip with medium coarseness and the highest level of your Trophy Skin microderm system, you can slough off stubborn roughness with 2 or 3 passes (work on the age spots as well!). Afterwards, apply Argan Stem Cell Serum, a hyaluronic acid product or body oil to seal in moisture and top off with a great SPF hand cream.

Dry, Cracked Feet

MicrodermMDFollowing the same regimen as your hands. I like to work on my feet at night and then slather on an extra emollient cream. Putting on a pair of socks afterwards, I wake up to silky soft heels the next morning!

Prickly Dry Face

MicrodermMDNow here you will want to be careful. When the air is very dry, it can create increased sensitivity for your skin. You want to exfoliate, but might need to take more care than you do the rest of the year. For this reason, I recommend using our Fine Tip for Sensitive Skin or knocking your power level down when treating your face during the winter months. Afterwards, apply Argan Stem Cell Serum and your favorite Night Cream for bedtime or a really good SPF moisturizer during the day.  

Flaky Arms and Legs

RejuvadermMD full body treatmentI don’t know about you, but my black pants look like they have a layer of snowflakes when I change clothes! For larger body parts, I recommend trying our Body Tip. The Body Tip has a larger head and is a bit more coarse than our standard diamond tip. The larger head will allow for faster treatment times. Please note, you will use several filters to treat your legs and arms.



Don’t be frugal here! If you are concerned about the cost of filters and how many you need for an effective full body treatment, don't worry! A pack of 100 replacement filters is just $15. That's about a year's use!


Follow up your microderm treatment with a luxurious body butter and slip into some silk pajamas. Ahh - heaven!


Hopefully, these tips and tricks will revitalize your skin from head to toe!